3 Secret Ways to Add Space in Your Kitchen

You have a great kitchen, and love it.  You use it all the time, and it is a centerpiece of your home.  You notice, though, that it never seems like there is enough space in the kitchen, and the organization seems to fall further and further behind.  The countertops seem like they are getting cluttered with devices, and the few new specialty pans or skillets you bought don’t fit anywhere.  Never fear!  There are a few easy methods to get added space in your kitchen, and give it that organization it needs.


To put it bluntly, Rev-A-Shelf is an amazing line of products.  With just about any cabinet out there, especially RTA cabinets (which mostly come in standardized sizes), Rev-A-Shelf cabinet accessories instantly give you a bigger kitchen, without visually changing a thing.  Their cabinet inserts, for example, can give a cabinet up to five times as much shelf space as it had previously, including automatically giving many more shelves to organize things.  They have in-cabinet pot holders and pull-out pan hangers, pot lid racks and even under the sink mini pull-out drawers for soap and sponges.  Your counters will be cleaner than they have been in a long time.  They also have specialized inserts to hold plates, bowls, glasses and silverware.  By outfitting your kitchen with Rev-A-Shelf, you may add so much space that you end up with extra storage!  Here at RTA Cabinet Store, we swear by the brand, which is why we proudly offer the entire line of Rev-A-Shelf in our online store.

Hanging Out

The best part about having a countertop with a backsplash is you have a working space.  The backsplash is fairly unused, though, and we think that this is a shame.  There are a number of ways to get some space back in your kitchen, and utilizing the expanse of your backsplash is one of them.  Hanging rods are a nice addition on which you can hang pans, utensil containers, cleaning supplies, paper towels, and just about anything else in your kitchen.  Magnetized strips are great for holding knives and spice containers.  One cool, rustic method is to keep your spices in mini-mason jars, put a magnetized strip on the bottom of your upper cabinets, near the backsplash, and let your spices hang from their lids from the strip.  It’s stylish and awesome looking.

Perceived Space

Another way to add space to your kitchen is to improve the perceived space.  While sometimes people suffer from an actual lack of space, other times the reverse is true, where they have enough space, but the kitchen seems small.  Never fear, as there are a few easy ways to fix that.

If you don’t have a white kitchen, but were thinking of remodeling, think about refacing your kitchen cabinets with white.  This always adds space to a room.  Declutter the countertops at the same time, and the difference will be amazing.  Another great trick when working with cabinets is to get new cabinet doors that have glass inserts.  This tricks the eye of the beholder by letting them view the depth of the cabinets as well as the rest of the room, and immediately gives the feeling of a lot more space.

Either Way

Sometimes all you need for a bigger kitchen is to look like you added space, and others you need to actually add the space where it seems like it can’t be done.  For a truly spacious add-on, try all three methods!  Your kitchen will become organized, easy to manage, and look much bigger all at the same time.

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