5 Myths of Buying Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinets Online

Before the turn of the century, buying inexpensive kitchen cabinets online got something of a stigma, thanks to shoddy construction, limited design choices, and poor customer service. Today, the industry has totally transformed! Here are five myths about buying inexpensive kitchen cabinets online.

Myth #1: Online RTA Cabinets Use Cheap Materials—Like Particle Board

While we can’t speak for every RTA cabinet retailer, at RTA Cabinet Store, all of our cabinets are made of the best materials available for each part of their construction. This means sturdy, warp-resistant, furniture-grade plywood for sides and frames, and genuine hardwood doors and drawers—exactly the same materials a master craftsman would use to build a set of custom cabinets for your kitchen, just at a fraction of the price!

Myth #2: My Design Choices Will Be Limited

With more than three dozen styles in stock and ready to ship, if you’re worried you won’t be able to find a style you like … don’t be. Take a look at all the options we have available! With stylistic elements ranging from simple to intricate, classic to modern, and colors covering every wood tone imaginable plus the most popular painted color schemes, you’ll definitely find something that will fit in with your dream kitchen.

As for the old standard box shapes, don’t worry; those are a thing of the past! Each of our lines comes with a huge variety of shapes and widths, so no matter what layout you choose, you’ll be able to make full use of every inch of storage space available to you, all the way down to pull-out racks that will fit in a gap as small as three inches. Plus, you don’t have to do all the math yourself! We offer help designing your kitchen in two ways: a state-of-the-art DIY Online Kitchen Design Tool, and FREE Professional Kitchen Design Consultation!

Myth #3: Shipping Is Expensive and Dangerous

The truth is, unless you have a local craftsman make your cabinets right in your home, all cabinets have to be shipped. Even if you buy your cabinets at a local DIY store, or a remodeling contractor sources them, you’re still paying for shipping—it’s just built in to the total price. Because our cabinets ship disassembled, they take up less space on trucks, and are much less likely to be damaged during shipping.

Myth #4: RTA Cabinets Aren’t as Sturdy

While it’s true that some small compromise is made in durability in order to keep our designs easy to assemble, even for a homeowner with modest experience with such things, that’s only in comparison with truly high-end custom cabinetry that uses dovetail construction in every joint.

In fact, for the vast majority of pre-assembled cabinets, the opposite is true! You see, because you assemble our cabinets yourself, there’s nowhere to hide poor design or construction. Add in the risk that a pre-assembled cabinet could have been jostled and distressed in shipping enough to weaken joints without breaking them, and our cabinets are actually sturdier than average.

Myth #5: Online Cabinets Are Made in China, So Nobody Will Stand Behind Them

Well, it’s true; our cabinets are made in China. However, because we’re a major wholesaler with our own warehouse, not a drop-shipping re-seller, we stand behind everything we sell. We stock a variety of individual replacement parts in case something does get damaged in the course of construction or daily wear and tear. If we don’t have it in stock, we have a close relationship with the factories that manufacture our cabinets, and can get replacement

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