Adirondack White Kitchen Cabinets with Inset Doors Featured in Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation – Season 3, Episode 6 – “World Traveler’s Home” featured RTA Cabinet Store’s Adirondack White line of kitchen cabinets, and the result is absolutely stunning! Whether you’re building your own tiny house, or just looking to make a small kitchen in a normal house feel less cluttered and more spacious, the design principles used here might give you some great ideas.

Inset Doors and Drawers for Less Clutter

When you think of a cluttered space, you’re probably thinking of stuff that isn’t built in to the room, right? Well the truth is, the way the lines of a space flow matters. Exposed hinges and the lines of shadow created by doors and drawers against cabinet face frames are still read as “clutter” by your unconscious mind.

Our Adirondack White and Lexington lines both feature classic simplicity and a clean surface with no lines to interrupt the flow of your eyes. Both also feature soft-close European hinges that are fully concealed from the outside, yet allow the doors to swing effortlessly open, and smoothly and quietly closed.

Choose Hardware that Blends In

Choosing hardware for your kitchen cabinets that blends in and doesn’t draw the eye is also another way to avoid a “cluttered” feel. The idea is to create a smoothly flowing visual space, so the eye naturally glides past obstacles to take in a feel of spaciousness, even if the actual space is small.

Notice how the hardware on the Adirondack White line is slender and sleek, and the way the light plays off of the brushed finish makes it pick up the white all around it? In the Lexington line, darker hardware with bronze tones, that is small and unobtrusive is a great choice.

Build In Extra Storage

The more storage you can build in to your kitchen, the less clutter you’ll need to keep in the open, on top of the counters. In a modern kitchen, “storage” doesn’t mean dumping pots and pans in a wide-open base cabinet with a crawl space into a deep dark corner you’ll never see again. It means neat, orderly, purpose-built storage solutions in every cabinet, so that all your cookware, utensils, and appliances are stored neatly, out of sight, but with fast and easy access.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Accessories page has tons of storage solutions that might give you some great ideas you hadn’t considered before. Best of all, these solutions could go in your existing cabinets, to upgrade functionality and reduce clutter even if a remodel isn’t in your budget right away!

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