Tiny House Kitchen Cabinet Options

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The tiny house trend requires inhabitants to downsize not only their living space, but the very way they think. It’s a total lifestyle change. Everything has to be done with ulitmate efficiency from the kitchen design to the clothing you put into the bedroom closet.

While there are many options, one of the best options that you can use to build a stylish and efficient tiny house kitchen is RTA cabinets. No matter the space, the modular style, multiple sizes, and solid quality of these cabinets make them a go-to option. 

Accessories can help make tiny house kitchens powerhouses of efficiency that can rival kitchens nearly 10 times their size for functionality.

Size Things Up

One of the benefits of the selection at the RTA Cabinet Store, is that there are many sizes to choose from. Single-door top cabinets alone have five different widths to choose from on nearly every style, from 9 inches all the way to 21 inches wide. 

The amount of choice is even greater for double door cabinets, and the base cabinets are no exception, allowing you to choose from all the sizes for both door and drawer cabinets. Corner cabinets, plate racks, lazy susans, and pantry cabinets are also available to maximize tiny house kitchen space.

Making the Space Look Bigger

One thing we really like as an addition to cabinets in tiny home kitchens is Mullion doors.  These are doors that have cutouts in them for glass, looking like a window frame in the door. These are great for adding the illusion of more space, and giving a multi-dimensional look to a small kitchen. They really bring out the depth of the cabinets to the naked eye.

White cabinets also give the illusion of space. They reflect light, which makes the space feel larger and more open. Smaller spaces also benefit from spare design details. Fancy door frames may clutter the space making it feel cramped. Go with a simple design like a Shaker style cabinet.

Organization Accessories Max Space Usage

One of our favorite accessory lines is the Rev-A-Shelf line. Made to fit just about any standard size RTA cabinet, Rev-A-Shelf accessories are intelligently engineered cabinet inserts that transform any cabinet, giving it four to five times the amount of usable space inside. 

They do this by an intelligent system of rotating shelves on an axis mounted inside, door shelving, segmenting space, and other clever methods of utilizing normally-wasted space.

Start shopping for your tiny house kitchen from RTA Cabinet Store’s wide selection perfect suited for small spaces.

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