3 Ideas for a To-Die-For Kitchen on a Budget

You don’t just want a new kitchen, you want one that people will talk about after they leave your house.  The kind of kitchen that people say should be in a magazine, and inspires others to redo their own kitchens.  Never fear, you can do it!  But many times those types of kitchens are pretty expensive, so here we are going to give you three ideas to get a to-die-for kitchen on a budget.

Rev-A-Shelf and Other Accessories

A kitchen is only as good as its cabinets, and cabinets are only as good as their storage capabilities (well, besides the looks!).  When designing your interesting kitchen, consider investing in Rev-A-Shelf accessories.  These can completely change your kitchen and give it a super-wow feel when you open up a cabinet.  Combining these with other things such as high quality door and drawer opening hardware can make your kitchen pop.  Using paint accents, for example painting your window frames the same color as door handles or using sticker accents on your white cabinets can really make a huge difference.  Make it an in-your-face color, such as green apple or cherry red, to really make the difference in colors stand out.

Add an Island

If you have a kitchen island, you already have an interesting kitchen.  If you don’t, though, you are missing out.  A kitchen island (or a peninsula!) can add a huge amount of space to a kitchen, give you a space for sitting and serving, cooking, storage, and innumerable other functions.  They are stylish, useful, and above all, not very expensive compared to the expense of a new kitchen!  Many people even install a stove and an absorber over their island, including a stone insert cutting board and trash can.  It makes the island super-functional and the envy of those who see it.

Replace Cabinets with RTA Cabinets

Here at RTA Cabinet Store, we love RTA cabinets.  An interesting kitchen can be created by choosing the right cabinets and hardware, and adding accessories.  The old way of buying a kitchen, whether from a brick and mortar store or a custom installation, is outdated and expensive.  A budget kitchen doesn’t have to be super expensive, and it can be sturdy and beautiful.  That’s where RTA cabinets come in, and you can bet that by combining the right elements, such as the right cabinets, accessories, perhaps an island, color splashes, and a bit of panache, you will have a kitchen to die for.

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