5 Ways a Beginner Can Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel

When your kitchen needs remodeling, or you are moving into a new place and it needs to fit your specifications, it will cost money.  There is no way around it.  One thing that most people don’t realize, though, is that there are some serious ways to save money on a kitchen remodel, making the project easier on your pocketbook.

Assess the Situation Well and Plan

One of the biggest money savers is not comparing prices, but determining what exactly you need to do to remodel your kitchen.  For example, does that floor need replaced?  Is the backsplash in good condition and can you reuse it?  Are the appliances good and will you be happy keeping the same ones?  Is there a way you can recoup some money from the old stuff you would be throwing away?

Answering all of these questions and thinking about everything critically is essential to save money on your remodel.  Also, checking the existing cabinets for damage can change the way you think about your remodel, especially if they are in good shape.

Reface Instead of Replace

One great way to save money on your kitchen remodel is to reface your cabinets rather than replace them.  Especially if you have RTA cabinets in the kitchen already, you can save a ton of money by refacing the cabinet frames and replacing the cabinet and drawer doors, since RTA cabinets come in standardized sizes.  Here at RTA Cabinet Store, we realize this need, and stock a full line of replacement parts for pretty much every line of cabinets we offer.  Doing your remodel this way can save you over half the cost, and the time, of installing new cabinets.

If Replace, Resell

If you are replacing your cabinets, first, you should really be looking at RTA cabinets, as they are a very affordable alternative to every other type of cabinet, with the look and quality of the highest grade custom cabinets.  Your old cabinets should not be discounted, though, as if you are careful, you can uninstall them and sell them for a nominal price on a local swap website, or at least save yourself the (sometimes significant) fee of having them hauled away.

Change Things Up

As part of the assessment section, you should also asses why you want the remodel.  If it has anything to do with the space you have, consider adding cabinet accessories instead, such as Rev-A-Shelf, to help organize and add a significant amount of space to your cabinets.  Taking things off the countertop and having the space to store them can open up the kitchen and change the look.  That, combined with a paint job and some color accents, can make a kitchen look totally different and refreshed for a fraction of the cost of a remodel.

Replace the Countertops and Hardware

Another not-so-expensive change that makes a huge difference is replacing the countertops.  Going with a beautiful stone countertop can wholly change your kitchen from “meh” to “amazing!”  Combining this with changing out the door and drawer hardware pulls can give your kitchen a completely new look, and save you a whole bunch of money to boot.

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