Get That Country-Feel Tiny House

Tiny House Nation had its work cut out for it in Episode 12 of Season 3.  Chaz is from the country and Crystal from the city, and both like their home places enough to insist on having their respective elements evident in their shared home.  One place which could have been a big point of contention was the extremely small kitchen space they had allotted.

Alpine Raised Panel Cabinets

Of all the RTA cabinet lines that we carry at RTA Cabinet Store, perhaps none other are such a seamless blend of multiple styles.  Having a country home feel, yet with contemporary accents, the Alpine Raised Panel Cabinets were perfect for what the couple needed in their home.  The raised panels are reminiscent of most country style kitchens, while the white base of the cabinets gives a stylish and contemporary look that could belong even in the most modern of homes.

Countertop from Both Worlds

A stone countertop is just about as classic as it gets, and that was the choice here.  Combining it with the Alpine Raised Panel RTA Cabinets was a natural choice, but oh, the color.  Using a white base with a hint of darker accents, the countertop was a perfect choice for the cabinets, and set off the kitchen nicely, really expanding the visual roominess of the area.

Symmetry in Motion

One of the great things about these particular RTA cabinets is that they really take well to symmetrical kitchen designs.  In many kitchens, putting the same style of cabinets together and thinking only about usability is enough, but in a Tiny House, symmetry is often much more pleasing to the eye, especially when one can see every part of the house from literally every part of the house!  The choice of a perfectly symmetrical build here really set the kitchen off in a great way.  There was even space enough for a couple of drawers for cutlery!

Outstanding Kitchen

Tiny House Nation really outdid itself with this tiny kitchen, and it matched well with the rest of the house.  The Alpine Raised Panel Cabinets are not just for tiny homes though, they go great even in huge spaces.  Check out the full line and get that country/contemporary look for yourself.

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