Give your White Kitchen a Makeover with Two-Tone Painting

The kitchen is most likely the room that you spend your most awake time in in the house.  You look at it every day, day in and day out.  After a while, you may wish for a different look and feel of the kitchen, or that dark kitchen may become a bit oppressive to you.  Why not give it a good two-tone paint job and really bring it back to life!

Check Your Kitchen Cabinets

Before you give it a paint job, it would be a good idea to check around your kitchen to make sure that it’s stable and still in good shape.  We are going to go out on a limb here and say that if you have RTA kitchen cabinets (from a solid, reputable dealer, like RTA Cabinet Store!), it’s a pretty good bet that things are doing well.  Otherwise, check out pretty seriously that none of the cabinets are wobbly, most of the doors close well and don’t stick, there is no major water damage, etc.  If the answer is no to all the potential serious problems, you are good to go!

Bottom Darker, Top Lighter

One reason for the two-tone kitchen is to give the visual look and feel that the kitchen is expanding, and you have more space.  The contrast between the bottom and the top should not be stark, but enough so that the paint job between the two doesn’t look like a mistake!  Having a slate gray or lighter on the bottom and a white on the top looks pretty good, and tricks the eye into thinking that there is a lot of space on top.  This is great, as it’s usually the upper cabinets that visually take away the room’s space.  It also allows for great light bounce, really brightening up your kitchen.  Remember, it’s always a good idea to go with the same color spectrum, rather than mixing and matching.  Oh, and a different colored sink can be a great addition to this look.

Don’t Focus Only on the Kitchen Cabinets and Forget the Backsplash!

Changing the backsplash is kind of essential to this equation, as you will want to get something that bridges the gap between the two colors.  Small gray bricks (with a hue between the two colors you are painting) are a great idea, with a lighter grout.  Or you could use just about anything that is an amalgam of the two colors you have chosen.  Go ahead and try out’s free online kitchen design tool now and start designing your new kitchen today!  You can choose models and colors that match your idea, and see what they will look like!

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