Use Rev-A-Shelf for a Dream Pantry

In most kitchens, food items are stuffed in cabinets, no matter how good looking or sturdy the cabinets are from the outside.  Cans are stacked on top of each other, boxes are in there willy-nilly, and sometimes, when the urge comes to organize everything and clean it out, things are found in the dark reaches of those cabinets that may not have even been bought in this decade!

When designing your new kitchen, think about creating the kitchen pantry and food area of your dreams!  It doesn’t take a walk-in closet, but can be done easily and efficiently with the Rev-A-Shelf accessory line.

Center on the Food

Most people think that the refrigerator is the center of food storage in your kitchen.  They are only partially right.  The refrigerator is only the area where you store perishable food items that need to be refrigerated.  Most likely, if you got everything out of the cabinets in a regular kitchen and compared the amount to what’s in the fridge, the amount would be several times larger for the non-perishables, at least in terms of space taken up.  This is why we say center on the food.  Why not build yourself a pantry around your fridge, using RTA kitchen cabinets on either side and on top, and putting Rev-A-Shelf cabinet accessories on either side.

What Rev-A-Shelf Does

A Rev-A-Shelf system will give you up to five times the amount of usable space inside the cabinet.  Not only that, it will give you lots of smaller shelves, which are shallower, allowing you to really organize things and have easy visual access to all of the storage area, not just a small part of it in front.  It will also be a nice, cool area, away from light, increasing the effectiveness of the storage area.  Finally, having everything in one area makes it really easy to know that you are at a one stop shop.

You don’t have to wander around the whole kitchen, looking for this and that and rooting through your (RTA!) kitchen cabinets.  This idea goes well next to a large countertop space, or especially with an island behind it, making your moves efficient and easy.  

Design It Yourself with Rev-A-Shelf and RTA Cabinets

It’s easy to see what your kitchen would look like by using RTA Cabinet Store’s free online design tool, which you can use to lay out your kitchen pantry area with the exact cabinets you choose. 

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