Design Your RTA Kitchen Cabinets When Designing Your Home

Many people take a home that is built, but empty, and then begin designing their kitchen.  We say, design your kitchen when designing your home!  It’s easier to do than ever, considering the online tools available.  Head over to RTA Cabinet Store and check out the free online kitchen design tool now and start designing your dream kitchen today!  Doing it this way will allow you to build your dream kitchen, and give you some leeway to even design the size of the actual room to fit what you want.

Give and Take

By spending the time to design your kitchen early on, you really have the ability to create something outside of the norm.  With a normal kitchen, even in a house that is newly built (and especially with an older one you are putting a new kitchen in!), it will need electricity, plumbing, ventilation, lighting, etc.  All of this is much easier to do if, for example, the sink, stove and electrical outlets are planned beforehand.  That way, these items can be built right into the initial construction of the house, rather than being an added on afterthought.

You can also eliminate problems, such as having the right plumbing in the right area, instead of running stopgap solutions.  Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you have an idea of the type of kitchen and kitchen cabinets you would like, and some of the awesome things that will go with them.  Want a kitchen island with a stove and absorber on top?  It will be much easier if the electrical and ventilation is already run there.  Want even a sink in that island?  Again, it’s a snap if you know what’s going on before you begin to build.

Use Everything, and Rev-A-Shelf!

Plan your kitchen thinking about the accessories as well.  Want to have a spice rack near the stove and a pantry around the fridge?  With Rev-A-Shelf, you can do those things easily, providing you have chosen the right cabinet space.  By the way, if you use RTA kitchen cabinets and Rev-A-Shelf space organizers, your pantry can be hidden right out in the open, so you could eliminate that pantry room which would have killed a good part of the open space of your kitchen!

Planning Ahead for Your Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinets

There really isn’t any reason to not think about it, and your house architect can help you understand what is possible with the space of your kitchen area.  You can use the online design tool, or get help today with a free kitchen design consultation by one of RTA Cabinet Store’s professionally trained designers. 

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