Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Quickly!

When most people hear the words “rush job,” it’s usually with a twinge of dread for the buyer and a happy day for the seller.  This doesn’t happen too often in the world of kitchen cabinetry, but that isn’t to say that it NEVER does.  You may come into a situation where you need to get your kitchen finished very quickly, starting from the ground up.  Fortunately, RTA kitchen cabinets are the right answer to your speed problem.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets to the Rescue

Most kitchens take a long time to make, and need at least 3 or 4 days to install, if not weeks.  Not so with RTA kitchen cabinets.  We here at RTA Cabinet Store pride ourselves on many things associated with these amazing kitchen cabinets, but one of them is the speed and ease of which they can be put together and installed.  The quality control on them is outstanding, and our kitchen design and ordering process is streamlined to the point that you could have your kitchen designed virtually, ordered, delivered and installed within a work week.  If things go well, it could be in as little as two or three days!

The Process of Ordering

Once you have spoken with one of our design experts and designed your kitchen in our free online design tool, then you can place your order.  If it’s a rush job, the expert you have been working with can do their best to push things through quickly.  Depending on where you live, there also might be expedited shipping available!

Once you have ordered, it might be a good idea to get a team of experts, preferably two or three workers, to install your kitchen, unless you have a good deal of experience yourself.  With RTA kitchen cabinets, a normal sized kitchen can often be installed in one to two days.

Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget

Just because it’s a rush job doesn’t mean that it’s going to be that much more expensive.  Your RTA kitchen cabinets are going to cost the same amount.  The only things you may have to pay extra for is potential expedited shipping and installers.  If you have the knowhow, then you can also install it yourself and save a bundle!

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