Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When choosing kitchen cabinets, everyone wants the best.  The desire for the best, however, is usually tempered by the need to stick within a budget.  Because of the budget, people often make compromises, and the compromise is usually the quality of the cabinets, rather than the look.

Unfortunately for many unsuspecting buyers, it’s pretty easy to find good looking, but low-quality cabinets for a reasonable price.  As technology has advanced, good quality cabinet prices have come down, however.  There is an answer to the conundrum of price vs. quality, and that answer is RTA kitchen cabinets!

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

While not all cabinets are created equal, the RTA kitchen cabinets we sell here at RTA Cabinet Store are manufactured to be of the highest quality, using materials that are intended to last the lifetime of your home.  Instead of cheap particle board, almost every line of our cabinets uses all-wood construction, including using veneered plywood doors on lines where there would normally be a chance where the wood might warp or split.  Check out one of our lines with all-wood construction:

Solid Wood Doors

Since your RTA kitchen cabinet doors are pretty much the most used part of your kitchen, they take the most wear and tear, and suffer the most bumps and dings.  This is where wood construction is so important.

Particle board doesn’t do very well with hard knocks, routinely denting and scratching much easier than wood.  Well treated wood also better resists the stressors of heat and dampness. The heat and damp can warp and crack door and drawer faces, especially if they are made cheaply.  A solid wood door or plywood with veneer is much stronger and has a much better chance to resist, well, everything!


In case you were wondering, high grade plywood is often stronger than regular wood.  Layered together at right angles and in multiple layers, plywood has a very high tensile strength, and is very resistant to torsion.  Having no bendability and being super resistant to cracking and warping makes it a perfect substrate for a wood veneer, and for the boxes of a cabinet.  As plywood can also be made from any species of tree, oftentimes cabinet lines use the same species of tree in their plywood as the doors and drawers of the line.  This means super-strong boxes, shelves, and doors, all made of wood of the same type.

You can learn more about plywood, and other specifications that make RTA kitchen cabinets of such high quality by clicking this link to get your free downloadable copy of The Consumer’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets.

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