How to Keep On Budget While Remodeling the Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are so outrageously expensive. Most people spend a great portion of their budget on their kitchens when renovating their homes. The second most expensive rooms to renovate are the bathrooms. One of the most costly parts of kitchen remodeling is new cabinetry. Finding discount cabinets is absolutely crucial if you want to balance your budget. In addition, you will need to protect your home from potential hazards that could cost you down the line.

Buy Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

When most people buy cabinets, they think of buying them at home improvement stores because of the alluring showrooms. You can find discount cabinets on sale at these locations, but it is even easier to find cheap cabinets by ordering them online in a ready-to-assemble (RTA) format. RTA cabinets aren’t cheap cabinets because they are made of pressed wood. Most RTA stores sell quality, solid wood in almost any species imaginable. The savings happen because you, the consumer, put your cabinets together and therefore reduce the cost.

Buy Unfinished Cabinets

Getting your cabinets unfinished is another great way to save. You can customize your cabinets to look like a more expensive species, depending on the stain you choose. Painting RTA cabinets is much easier than painting cabinets that arrive fully assembled. It doesn’t matter if you want white cabinets or black ones. The reason you want to order them in pieces is because you would have to take them apart anyway to get in between the cracks. Get them shipped flat at a lower rate, paint them, and then assemble and install.

Hire a Contractor

A lot of us want to save money by doing our kitchen remodels ourselves. You may save up front, but contractors know a lot about potential damage and mistakes that you may not be aware of. Good contractors know how to conduct the process legally, and can finish the job much more quickly and with better quality. If you do hire a contractor, you can save money by buying the materials ahead of time. This way you aren’t paying for the contractor’s time to get them.

Protect Your Existing Structure

Cover your doorways, windows, and vents with tape. Any surface during a kitchen remodel becomes a workbench, so protect your surfaces with cardboard. Wrapping your corners with cardboard will also prevent dings as you bring your new cabinets through your workspace.

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