Keep Your Tiny House Kitchen Simple and Elegant with RTA Cabinets

The tiny house movement is sweeping across the country! Many Americans are discovering that bigger isn’t necessarily better, and they are loving their lives and living with less. Some people go tiny to save money, and others do it to support their values against needless consumption. Whatever the reason, living tiny definitely changes lives for the better.

In Tiny House Nation Season 3, Episode 10, entitled “Romantic Abode,” Nick and Vickie were looking for a home that would not be much bigger than their 600-square-foot apartment in Seattle, Washington. They had learned to be comfortable with living in close quarters after selling their Ohio home and weren’t afraid of the transition from tiny apartment to tiny home.

The Shaker Cabinets Featured in the Episode

The white kitchen cabinets added the perfect touch of character to the space that was ultimately constructed. Nick and Vickie specifically requested natural wood accents with a pop of color. The Tiny House Nation team painted the walls a vibrant bright green, so the white shaker cabinets really mellowed down the loud wall color choice and tied in the look nicely. Zack and John embellished the quiet shaker cabinets with a gorgeous natural wood countertop to fulfill the design requests of the owners.

RTA Cabinets a Superior Choice for Tiny Living

RTA cabinets definitely support the philosophy of tiny living, perhaps more so than those you would buy from a showroom. Ready-to-assemble cabinets are discount cabinets that save the consumer money by not being assembled in a factory. The labor costs associated with putting cabinets together before shipping are cut because the consumer puts the cabinet together once it arrives. You’re likely to save on shipping as well, considering that many shipments are calculated by weight and volume.

Maximizing Cabinet Space in a Tiny Home

And what if you needed to change the layout of your kitchen to suit different needs? This would be expected over time, considering that you don’t have much space to add anything new. One solution would be to add Rev-A-Shelf accessories that maximize the amount of vertical space in your cabinets. This could be in the form of pullout baskets, racks, and shelves or drawer organizers. You could also completely remove the cabinet and store it flat again with ease to make way for a different design.

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