The Top 5 Most Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen Trends

When you buy cheap cabinets or discount cabinets, you open up your budget to an array of creative ideas. Kitchen cabinets, even for the outdoors, are considered the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel. Buying discount cabinets allows you to spend more money and effort on appliances, specialty designs, and more. Here are the top five fabulous ways to transform your outdoor space with the money you save.

1.) Transform Your Forgotten Side Yard

We often spend so much energy on our back yard that we neglect our side yards. Side yards are the narrow walkways normally associated with trash can storage and overgrown weeds; however, side yards can be transformed into private eating areas to complement outdoor kitchens. Worried about nosy neighbors? Install a pergola to hide your side yard from onlookers and to keep the sun off your furniture.

2.) Turn Your Pergola into a Garden

This works particularly well with plants that don’t require a whole lot of water or deep rooting, such as cacti. These plants can provide a degree of insulation from the sun and weather without building a completely enclosed space. If you have a tiered garden behind your patio because you live on a hill, this type of design can help your structure blend in seamlessly with its background. Many people are using native landscaping to save water and celebrate the beauty of their surrounding geography.

3.) Create a Custom Fire Pit

Custom fire pits are all the rage right now. They don’t have to be a traditional metal ring on the ground, as you would find in a campground. Custom fire pit designs create artful centerpieces in your patio that are only restrained by the limits of your imagination (and the fire code). Some designers have built the fire pit right into the stone floor in an outdoor living space. You can also create a stone ledge around the fire pit so you can put up your feet or put down your drinks. Other fire pits can be long and thin, powered by gas, and covered with small, heat-resistant stones.

4.) Invite the Sound of Water

Relax and enjoy the sound of trickling water near your outdoor kitchen. Fountains are sustainable across all budgets. For example, you could install an inexpensive urn fountain that shoots a stream of water up and catches it in the same area. Small portable fountains are also easy to find. On the other end of the spectrum, you could install a highly customized water wall behind your kitchenette.

5.) Install Sliding Walls

For those who truly love the outdoors, you can connect your patio to your living room with a glass slider that takes up an entire wall space. Essentially, you move the wall away so your entire home is open to the air outside. Simply close the glass slider when you want to separate the two areas again.

Discount cabinets are a great way to save your money to spend on more creative options. Install them under a kitchen island with seating and next to your barbeque for more storage space.

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