Hottest Bathroom Vanity Trends of 2022

The vanity is often the visual center of the bathroom design. It’s also one of the most used areas of the bathroom. Thus its importance in the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Many designers begin the whole process of designing the bathroom with the vanity and let that guide the rest of their choices. So what are the bathroom vanity trends you should consider in 2022? Here’s the rundown.


Vintage is in vogue all over the house and there are so many ways to incorporate it. The vanity is a top choice for bringing some vintage styling into the bathroom. Vintage could mean anything from the 1980s to the Victorian era and everything in between.

Consider wood for a vintage look. Letting the natural grain of the wood shine through adds a richness most other vanities don’t offer. Ornate details are also a must for the vintage vanity. Choose a cabinet door style with detailed trim rather than a simple Shaker style.

A surefire way to add vintage charm to your bathroom vanity is to repurpose an antique dresser, buffet, or other furniture. They can be easily converted and add a uniqueness to your vintage design.


Clean design includes anything that’s modern, hygge, Japandi, or contemporary in style. The hallmark of all these styles is one of clean lines, simplicity, and minimalism and it’s a hot trend. The way this clean design keeps reinventing itself in different ways is a good indicator of just how popular and timeless it is. 

Achieve a clean, sleek vanity by sticking to straight lines, minimal details, and neutral colors. Shaker is a perfect choice for a clean design. Its simplicity lends itself to anything from a mid-century modern style to something contemporary. 

Light woods in a flat front cabinet design are another great choice for clean design. Creating a seamless aesthetic is standard for hygge and Japandi type styles. 

Natural Texture

2022 trends are very much about warming things up. This includes warmer colors, cozier decor, and natural textures. Natural textures tend to be softer and more touchable. They add visual warmth to the space.

Though the bathroom isn’t known for being particularly soft and touchable, you can easily add a warmth with your choice of vanity. Woods, especially lighter woods that show plenty of grain are a great choice. Anything with some textured detail is a great idea too.

Fluting or ribs are coming into vogue in 2022 as well. This linear pattern adds texture without being too manufactured. It adds interest and softness to the bathroom vanity.

Blue double vanity with glass shower in the bathroom.
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Warm Tones

Speaking of warmth, color schemes shifted from cool colors to warmer colors at the end of 2021 and into 2022. Gray is still one of the hottest colors, especially for a bathroom vanity, but be sure to pick a warm gray or greige instead of a cool one.

Wood is also a great option for a warmer tone in the bathroom. Any color or type of natural wood will bring the warmth you’re looking for. Off-whites are also great at warming things up. Their yellow or brown undertones turn the white from stark to comfortable.

Deep, espresso brown color vanities are another readily available vanity to consider. It lends warmth without the dated look many other browns portray.


Marble has been the hottest trend for several years and it’s not going anywhere. Though your vanity itself cannot be marble, consider it for the countertop or backsplash or floor. Choose a warmer variety with hints of gold or beige like Calacatta. Classic white and gray Carrara is hot as well.

A gray vanity is a classic pairing for marble but don’t rule out wood vanities either. The natural wood with marble looks beautiful and is a staple of clean and warm designs. Add some matte or warm-toned metallics for the fixtures and you’re right on trend.


Gold is making a comeback in 2022, especially in bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Matte or brushed gold is hot, but even glossy gold or brass is a great choice. Add some gold to your vanity with some beautiful fixtures.

Gold fixtures and marble countertop make for an elegant statement. Gold against a dark vanity makes the gold pop. Black and gold are on trend but try a dark brown vanity or even a navy blue vanity to get the same effect.

Statement Wall Patterns

With all your vanity planning, don’t forget to take into account the walls surrounding the vanity. Turn them into a statement wall and then your vanity can pop out against it.

Wallpaper in large floral patterns is especially on trend and any vanity style, type, or color stands out against it. A tile in a geometric pattern is also a popular choice. Herringbone and chevron are the patterns of the moment.

Marble is another excellent option. Take large format sheets of marble all the way up the wall to the ceiling for an elegant backdrop to your vanity.

Bathroom vanity trends in 2022 offer you many options. Luckily, all of them have staying power that will keep them looking great for many years to come. Ready to update your vanity?

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