RTA Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

The bathroom vanity is at the center of the design and functionality of the bathroom. If you’re spending a lot of time trying to find the perfect vanity for you, and RTA bathroom vanity may be just the ticket. Size, style, color, and price are all important, but RTA gives you additional, semi-custom options.

The best part? Just about anybody can manage an RTA bathroom vanity. We’ll walk you through, step by step, in this buy guide for the bathroom vanity so you can feel confident you’ve got the perfect vanity.

Take Measurements

You need three basic measurements when you shop for a vanity: height, width, and depth. Standard height for vanities is 32”, but taller vanities are seen in design more and more often. For comparison’s sake, 36” is what you’re used to in the kitchen. RTA bathroom vanities come in various heights between 32”-36” with 33.5” and 34.5” common vanities available. Choose a height that is comfortable for you.

The width of your vanity will depend on the size of your bathroom. A large bathroom may be able to sustain a vanity as large as 72” or even bigger. A smaller bathroom may call for a vanity that’s 12”-16”. Most vanities come in widths from about 24”-60”.

The right depth, once again, depends on the size of your bathroom. Depths range from 14”-26”. Depth doesn’t necessarily affect width. You can have a pretty shallow vanity that’s quite long for a long skinny bathroom. Just remember that depth does affect the amount of storage space inside your vanity.

Measuring Tip

You may want to squeeze in the largest possible vanity you can, but be sure to think about where the plumbing is located and how far the cabinet doors will swing so your vanity fits dimensionally and functionally.

Select Style & Type

After you know how much space you have to work with, your next choice is to decide on single or double vanity. Consider the functions that are most important to you. Do you need an additional space for washing up? Or would extra counter space be a better use of your vanity?

You also need to consider style: color, finishes, etc. Shaker style doors are always popular and go with just about any design from minimal to rustic. Do you want classic stained wood or are you looking for chic white or gray? Maybe you want to go with a color. A dark blue vanity is an excellent choice that remains classic through any trend.

Shopping Tip

While seeing vanities with your own eyes during your shopping phase is important, don’t forget to do some shopping online. Big box stores have a limited selection. Choose to shop with a 100% online cabinet store like RTA Cabinet Store. We don’t have to worry about stocking brick and mortar stores and this allows us to offer you a wider selection of RTA vanities.

Skip Steps and Get a Kit

If you know your measurements and know what style and color you want, consider using our vanity tool to create a kit that has everything you need for your vanity.

The tool allows you to choose the size, finish/color, and choose from an array of different drawer and door configurations. It’s like building a custom vanity without the cost of custom.

Try the vanity kit Tool

Consider Storage

After you’ve considered measurements and style, give some thought to how you’ll actually use your bathroom vanity. Many bathrooms don’t have any storage besides the vanity. A larger vanity may be needed in order for you to have a place to store all your items.

Don’t forget that plumbing takes up some space too, limiting your in-cabinet storage. Drawers in front of sinks are generally false fronts so don’t count on that drawer space (unless you have vessel sinks that sit on top of the vanity.)

Storage Tip

A single sink on a long vanity gives you more room both on top of the vanity and inside the vanity. It might seem like a no-brainer to do a double sink if you have the room, but consider how this can cut into your storage space.

Whether you are ready to buy your bathroom vanity online or are still shopping around, RTA Cabinet Store is ready to help you find the perfect RTA bathroom vanity to suit your budget, design, and measurements.

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