Find and Fall in Love with Your Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Falling in love is easy to do. Finding the right person to love is a little more tricky. Not so with your kitchen cabinet hardware. In fact, your biggest problem might be narrowing down your selection to your favorite. We can make that a little easier for you.

It might be as simple as figuring out your type. From there, you’ll know exactly where to look to find the knobs and pulls that suit your style best. What type are you?


Practical lovers appreciate a little romance, but they love it even more when that romance has a useful side. Flowers are great, but if they come in a vase you can reuse, even better! Any gifts that do a job or can multi-task are great for the practical person: kitchen gadgets, gift cards, and new bedsheets to name a few.

Practical kitchen cabinet hardware is easy to use and goes with all color schemes and design styles. Belfast cabinet pulls are a great match for the practical person. They come in two universal colors and have straightforward functionality.


For the romantics, nothing but thoughtful, creative,and passionate will do. Romantics like small gifts, kind services, and thoughtful notes just as much as giant teddy bears and lacey boxes of chocolates. It’s the thought and effort that counts for them.

For kitchen cabinet hardware, look to something with thoughtful details and elegant lines. Windermere is an excellent choice with its gentle curves and detailed ends. It’s available in a pull and knob in soft metallic colors.


It doesn’t take much to make a minimalist happy. In fact, too much can quickly become overwhelming. Leave the doilies behind in favor of something much more sleek and clean. A boxed, long-stem single rose is more the minimalist’s jam than an extravagant arrangement.

Aim for hardware that is clean, un-fussy, and exact. Minimalists tend to lean toward modern type designs so something like Naples, with it’s straight lines and basic construction, is perfect. Available in two different sized pulls and clean metallic colors.


Just like the romantic, the sentimentalist loves thoughtfulness, but they also appreciate the additional depth of vintage, historical things. Anything artistic, literary, or historical is right up their alley. Nostalgia added to romance sets the tone for the sentimentalist.

Vintage looks, especially Victorian, are a good choice for this type’s kitchen hardware. Rustic is a good bet too. Old time Latches with its rustic design is a great option. Or the fleur de lis detailing of Evangeline is excellent too.


Time spent together is what means the most to the conversationalist. They would give anything for a round of Pachisi or a walk on the beach with their loved one. They are all about exploring their world and their partner through intelligent, engaging conversation.

For kitchen hardware, the conversationalist appreciates anything with global appeal or something that has more to reveal the more you look at it. Bremen, at first glance, seems pretty straightforward. But a closer look reveals intricate details that make these knobs and pulls special.


Those of the independent persuasion, could dispense with romance all together. They celebrate their singleness and embrace their own tastes with confidence. They aren’t afraid to go bold, but have a practical side too. They don’t shy away from going with what makes them happy, and they generally have good taste.

One of the boldest cabinet pulls, Florence, is practical but also makes a statement. It’s a substantial look in a glossy metallic that ensures you can’t miss it but is exceptionally tasteful. Available in pulls and knobs.

Grand Gesture

Those who appreciate a grand gesture are the ones who get the giant bears, diamond earrings, five pound boxes of chocolates, and large arrangements delivered to the office. They like it big, bold, luxe, and flashy. They are not hard to please, if you understand what they like.

How do you find grand kitchen cabinet hardware without going over the top? Aim for knobs and pulls with pronounced style and details. Something out of the ordinary is all that’s needed here. Duval is the perfect example. Its scrolling ends and swirled center make it tastefully grand.

Found your perfect kitchen cabinet hardware yet? Never fear, there’s a broad selection waiting for you (whatever your type). Check it out and get ready to fall in love.

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