How to Get Ready for Your RTA Cabinet Shipment

You’ve picked your cabinet style and color. You’ve made the order. Now you’re waiting for the shipment to arrive. While you wait, take a moment to review what to expect so you’re 100% ready for every contingency.

When to Expect Your Shipment

Carriers typically deliver freight between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Delivery appointments are typically scheduled by the carrier and they’ll communicate with you when to expect the delivery.

If a carrier attempts to deliver the shipment and you are unavailable, they will usually try to redeliver it the next day. There may be a redelivery charge if this occurs.

How Your Shipment Will Be Delivered

Your cabinets are packed flat on pallets for shipping. They will be delivered curbside by the carrier. Curbside means that the pallets are dropped near the curb at the front of your house. They are not brought up to, into, or around the back of the house.

Inspect Your Delivery

It is important to thoroughly inspect your shipment before you sign for it. DO NOT sign the delivery receipt before a step-by-step inspection is complete (see below).

Take your time inspecting your order. Most carriers allow 15 mins for customer inspection.

  1. DO NOT refuse shipments due to damages; doing so may delay your replacement parts by 2-4 weeks (see claims process below)
  2. Take pictures of each side of the pallets, especially where there might be damage
  3. Inspect the shrink wrap. If any of it is not intact note it on the delivery receipt
  4. Count the cartons and compare to the purchase order
  5. Note any discrepancies in detail (missing two of 24 cartons)
  6. Look at all sides of the package for obvious signs of damage or possible damage
  7. Shake the package a bit to listen for possible breakage or loose parts
  8. Inspect for water damage or wet spots
  9. Note any damage or possible damage in specific detail (the B24 box is ripped on the side)

Sign for Your Delivery

Once your thorough inspection has been completed and you’ve noted any problems on the Proof of Delivery (POD) form, go ahead and sign it.

Carriers will not accept signing a Said to Contain (STC) on the POD. Neither will they accept a Subject to Inspection (STI) on the POD. Doing either of these things may cause problems in the case of a future claim. This is why it is so important to inspect the shipment thoroughly before signing.

File a Claim If Necessary

If you determine that there is damage to your order or you are short items, we require you to file a claim within 24 hours after the shipment is received. Carriers and manufacturers reserve the right to deny these claims after 24 hours.

As soon as your claim is filed and processed, we’ll get your replacement parts on their way so your project can be completed.

If any problems arise with your shipment, please contact us immediately at 800.580.5535. Have the carrier pro number available.

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