Bathroom Remodeling – The Right Work Order

Attractive young adult couple looking at house plans.It’s no joke that your bathroom, while one of the smallest rooms in the house, is also one of the most complicated.  Needing lighting, electricity, ventilation, plumbing, and of course, carpentry, it literally combines every area of house construction in one area.  Following the right work order can be a make or break part of your process.  Read on to get the general work order you should follow.

The Beginning

Before you begin, you should have your plan made of what you want your final bathroom to look like.  Exactly—not just a general idea.  This is where a design consultant comes in mighty handle.  Fortunately, at RTA Cabinet Store, the consultations are free, and we have done a LOT of them.  Check it out at our design page.  We help design bathrooms too!

After you have your final plan, it’s time to take everything out.  First, remove all non-attached items, everything in the cabinets, etc.  Then, take off the curtain rod and curtain, everything you can.  If you aren’t going to use it again, repurpose it or throw it away.

Next it’s time to take out your cabinets.  Make sure you turn off the water to the bathroom and remove the piping to the sink before you take your vanity away!  After that is done, begin removing wall mounted cabinets such as the tank topper, and mirrors.  The last thing you want to remove is the lights, and if it’s just a ceiling-mounted lamp, you can leave that on until the very end of the entire process.  If you are removing your bathtub and toilet, now is the time for that, too.  If your bathroom is tiled and you are going to retile it, it’s time to begin chipping away.  Clean everything thoroughly.

Build It Back Up

First, paint the ceiling.  99 times out of 100 it is going to be white, so go ahead and get some anti-mold paint and go to town.  This makes sure you don’t splatter everything later.  Next, it’s time to paint the walls if you are going to, or tile them.  If you are tiling, make sure that you have measured out exactly where your cabinets are going to go, and that you begin your tiles from the right wall.

It never works to have a half row of tiles in the same corner as your vanity, so it’s a good idea to begin applying a full row working out from that corner.  Next, reinstall your toilet and tub.  If you painted, you might need to touch up, but if you tiled, most likely all you will need is sanitary silicone.  Remember, you may need to think about a professional solution for the plumbing and wiring if that is not your forte!

Following all this, it is time to begin putting in your RTA bathroom cabinets.  The bathroom remodel is almost complete at that point, and you can think about putting in your decorative items.  Go ahead and hang your mirror on the wall before you put the vanity under it, though.  Trust us, it’s easier!

You can go ahead and take your measurements and get started with your bathroom design today. Take advantage of’s free online kitchen design tool to make it easy on yourself!

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