Spice Up Your Kitchen with Some Mood Lighting

Your kitchen is good.  Great, really.  You went with the smartest option, got yourself some RTA kitchen cabinets, used your noggin and got some Rev-A-Shelf accessories and soft door/drawer closing hardware on everything, and you have storage from here until Sunday.  But now that you look at it, something is just kind of missing.  You can’t put your finger on it, but it needs that extra touch.  Enter the idea of mood lighting.

What Did You Forget?

Many people forget all about the lighting when they create their kitchen, and it’s easy to do.  A good old ceiling lamp is enough for most people, and we here at RTA Cabinet Store get it.  We even have had some people in the past complain that they are just not so happy with their kitchen, but they don’t know why.  Fortunately, the vast majority of people who order an RTA kitchen cabinet set are thrilled.

Those who take advantage of our online design staff usually don’t have such problems as the unknown dislike, because we have figured out the reasons over the years, and know just what the problem is. 

Your Cabinets Will Make the Choice for You

Now that we know that lighting is important, let’s talk about what you need.  In a more traditional wood style kitchen, we suggest mini spotlights under the cabinets.  They really make a difference when the main lights are off, and give that extra pizazz to the countertop, especially if there are reflective elements in it.  Most of them are LED, too, so feel good about adding as many as you want.

If your kitchen is more modern, we suggest an LED strip lighting system.  If you want to go really vogue, get one that you can control with a remote and that can change colors.  The ability to change colors, intensity, set a timer and have a natural glow over your countertop can look awesome.

We also suggest with either type of RTA kitchen cabinets, that you get a few soft glow night lights (not colored, but a neutral white) to put on the underside of the top cabinets in the kitchen.  One or two places should do it.  This way, when someone gets up in the middle of the night or you are getting ready to turn in, there is a soft glow so you don’t bump into things, nor hurt your eyes with a bright light at night.

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