Add Pizazz to your Kitchen with a Color Splash

We find that the kitchens we design are sometimes TOO good.  The stability and quality of the RTA kitchen cabinets that we sell at RTA Cabinet Store is awesome, and this means that after some years, with a still perfect kitchen, it can get a bit dull.  We have a solution for you.  Add a color theme to your kitchen to lighten it up a little.

Choose the Color Wisely

Bold colors make the best statements.  That being said, make sure that you consider the color of your cabinets beforehand.  Make sure that the color you choose is one that you (and the rest of your family, hopefully) will like.  Then, find those accessories.  You don’t have to paint or do something permanent—finding the right colored salt shakers, hand towels, cloth napkins, placemats, dish soap holder, flowerpots, vases, and even decorative frames for pictures can create a colorful theme that lights your kitchen up and creates visual excitement.

Switch It Up

Your color enhancement can be a pretty cheap solution, so why not go with a few colors?  The RTA kitchen cabinets will still be there and going strong; a few sets of different colored and themed accessories can make a real difference.  For example: green apple in springtime, switching to a lighter, yellow theme in the summer.  The accessories don’t have to be the same, either.  This also changes the look up and gives you a great way to further reduce your potential visual boredom.

You Could Make a Bigger Change

One way to change your kitchen is to get new doors and drawers for your cabinet frames.  While not as cheap as a color enhancement, it gives you the ability to have two completely different-looking kitchens.  Especially if you get something like glass inlay doors, this can change the kitchen completely.

A middle-of-the-road solution is changing the door and drawer pull hardware.  This can give your kitchen a subtle, but very different overall look.  It can also be combined with the color enhancement method for an even greater change.

Before you make a move to buy new kitchen cabinets, be sure to download The Consumer’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets and our free bonus reports, The Kitchen Remodel Survival Guide and Our Top 12 Most Popular Design Ideas.  They contain other great tips to make your kitchen interesting again!

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