Save Money by Installing Your Kitchen Yourself

If you are like the vast majority of us, you have a finite amount of cash resources, and don’t want to waste your hard earned cash, which can be put to better use somewhere else.  We here at RTA Cabinet Store understand that, and we agree!  This is why we have put together installation kits for those who don’t have all the materials needed to install their own kitchen.  We know that saving on installation costs can be huge, and the time spent isn’t all that much, considering what you save!

The Installation Kits

There are three different types of installation kits.  When hanging your kitchen cabinets, you will obviously need screws.  You will also need some shims, and, let’s be honest, unless you are perfect (and who is?) you will most likely need a touch up stick.  That covers the basic kit, and is great for those who have their own toolkit.

The Deluxe Installation kit includes everything from the Basic, but also has some stain, a high quality tape measure, and some wood glue.  The Ultra Premium Installation kit has just about everything you will need for a DIY installation.  Everything from the Deluxe Kit, but also knob and pull templates, some quick clamps, face frame screws, a countersink bit, a magnetic torpedo level, and a heavy duty toolbox.  This kit is for a serious installation, and contains pretty much every non-normal item (normal being screwdriver, hammer, drill motor, etc.) you will need, and at 50% of the cost of purchasing them separately, as well.  It’s a no-brainer when installing RTA kitchen cabinets if you don’t have most of those items lying around. 

Make the Most of It

Spending a few bucks on a kit made to install your RTA kitchen cabinets is much better and cheaper than going to the store and trying to get everything piecemeal.  That being said, make sure you ask RTA Cabinet Store’s professional design consultants which kit would be right for your DIY install when you get your $500 kitchen design consultation for free.  They would be happy to provide a customized design for your kitchen, the answers to your questions, and more. Get started here!

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