Kitchen Cabinet Design Layout: Sink Placement

The placement of the sink can change the whole look and usability of the kitchen. You might even consider starting the whole design process with the placement of the sink. Whether it’s centered, under a window, in the island, or placed in the corner, the sink makes a big difference in how you plan your kitchen cabinet design layout.

Here’s a few things to consider.

Placement of the Sink in Your Kitchen Cabinet Design Layout

Overwhelmingly, the trend is to place the sink under a window in the kitchen. This allows natural light to flood the sink, which is an area that is used quite a bit and could use some good lighting. Another popular place for the sink is in the island. As the workhorse of the kitchen, the island is the ideal place for the sink. You’ll have ultimate functionality and easy access no matter where you are in the kitchen.

Wherever you place your sink, we suggest that it is at least one cabinet in from the edge of the countertop. This is important for many reasons

  • Avoid water coming over the edge of the countertop and getting into the cabinet
  • Placing the sink away from the edge will help you increase the life of your cabinets
  • Avoid water on the floor when a sink doesn’t have adequate countertop surrounding it

Consider Size

The size of your sink is your first order of business. The sink is one of the big players in the kitchen. It comes in the top five for items taking up the most real estate in the kitchen. Once you know the size you want, it’s easy to layout the rest of your kitchen and cabinets.

If you change your mind on the size sink you want, it might mean you have to make some significant changes to your kitchen layout.

Factor in Sink Material

Depending on the sink material, you may have special needs as far as the cabinets you choose. If you get a sink that requires substantial support (like an oversized ceramic sink), you’ll want to consider that before selecting cabinets.

Lighter-weight sinks (like aluminum) don’t require extra support so your choice of cabinets remains wide open.

The Type of Sink Plays a Role Too

Round, square, double sided, deep basin, deep double basin, farmhouse—whatever type of sink you want, you’ll have to decide that early on as well. It impacts where you place your sink and the cabinets you’ll need for the sink and the rest of the kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to let the sink take the spotlight. A beautiful sink can easily be the visual (and functional) center of your kitchen design. You wouldn’t want to hide an apron-front sink in a corner. Or choose a contrasting color for a sink then place it inconspicuously. Plan for it to take center stage in your kitchen cabinet design layout.

RTA kitchen cabinets come in standard sizes and are built to accommodate pretty much every type of sink available. Don’t hesitate to contact our designers, whether for just a few questions about kitchen cabinet design layout or to help you design from start to finish.

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