What Will the Cabinet Cost Be for My Kitchen Remodel?

Most of us really don’t have a clue how much it will cost for a kitchen remodel, unless we have done it before or are professionals.  One of the biggest costs in a kitchen remodel is replacing the cabinets.  While there will be a lot of different costs going into your new kitchen, including paint, flooring, backsplash, countertops, appliances, paint, lighting, etc., most likely the rest of the costs will depend on your cabinetry to some extent.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

One way you can seriously reduce the costs of your renewed kitchen is to go for RTA kitchen cabinets.  Saving money is something we all like to do, but this time it will not come at the cost of your kitchen cabinets’ quality.  RTA kitchen cabinets are stable, sturdy, and built to last the lifetime of your kitchen, with high quality materials and exacting specifications.

Another great thing about them is that there are replacement parts available for most of the styles (and all of the styles we carry here at RTA Cabinet Store!) so even if a door or three gets damaged (have a toddler? It’s almost a given!) you will be able to make small-cost replacements rather than large repairs.  Check out the sample doors.

Free Design Tool for RTA Kitchen Cabinets

The free design tool that RTA Cabinet Store offers will by far be the best tool you can have to plan your budget.  Type in the specifications of your kitchen, and choose your styles, and you can even virtually build your kitchen before you begin the remodel!  Tweak it as much as you want with colors, cabinet styles, etc.

The best part about it is that you can see how much the cabinets you have entered are going to cost you.  That way, you will know even before the project begins how much the cabinetry will be.  Then add in the costs for paint, flooring, etc., and you have your budget.  You can also get flooring and countertops at RTA Cabinet Store as well, so a few other chunks of your budget can already be locked down!

So, ready to start designing your remodeled kitchen today? RTACabinetStore.com’s free online design tool is all you need! Get started.

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