New Video Series: Home Improvement Lessons

The process of moving to a new building has been a lot like buying a house and fixing it up.  Over the past couple of weeks we have had to tear down down walls, remove old paneling, and build a brand new showroom and office space from scratch.   I actually forgot everything that went into remodeling- whether it is a house or an office building.   So that got me thinking… if we HAVE to build a new showroom, why not document it?

So as we go through the process of assembling, hanging, leveling, and measuring for new cabinets, we are going to create a series of videos (since these are the same exact steps you will have to go through while installing a new kitchen or bathroom).   So if you have any steps in the process that you would really like to learn more about, or that you are unsure about, leave us a comment.  We want to take this remodeling opportunity to make it as educational and informative as possible.

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