Installation Instructions for the Undermount Drawer Glides

As we continue to add more and more lines to our collection, the variation in hardware is going to grow as well.  We already have installation instructions on the website for the full-extension undermount drawer glides, but there are several cabinet lines that are going to have a different installation process.

For the Rustic Brown, Bordeaux Shaker, Natural Shaker, and Vanilla Shaker, they have a very different type of undermount drawer glide.   The assembly/installation instructions that we have on the website feature a triangular piece that mounts to the drawer box and that the drawer glide slides into (this is what keeps the drawer glide in place).

On some of the new cabinet lines that we are adding, like the four mentioned above, they have a different design.   The drawer glide has a pin that actually going into the drawer box and a hook in the back of the drawer that when combined, they lock the drawer box in place.

We understand that there may be some confusion if you download the pdf that is on the site, so Jake threw together a quick video to show you how the drawer glides are installed (Thanks Jake!).  We are working on a pdf for this type of glide as well.   So in the mean time, to help answer all of the questions about the glides missing a piece or not being sure how they are installed, here is a link to the video that Jake created.

Drawer Glide Installation

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