Vanilla Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The Vanilla Shaker line comes standard with dovetailed drawers and undermount full extension soft close drawer glides. This feature provides a nice smooth close when the drawer is closed. The Vanilla Shaker also comes with 6 way adjustable hinges.

My wife and I recently placed an order with you and before we did, I had several questions I needed answers to. I phoned in and was lucky enough to have Mindy answer my call. She did a fantastic job answering all my questions and was extremely knowledgable about the modifications we needed to make to accommodate a farmhouse apron sink and our wall oven unit. She followed up quickly through email when I requested a diagram I couldn't locate online and promptly returned a message I had left as well. A really great experience overall. Stuart S.

The replacement panel arrived a few days ago. Thank you for the great service and support for my cabinet order! It has been a great experience working with your company.Charlie

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Sample Door

Vanilla Shaker Sample Door Model #Vanilla Shaker Sample

Keep the sample door, or return it for a refund of $20.00

$20.00 x

Vanilla Shaker Single Door Wall RTA Cabinets

Vanilla Shaker Double Door Wall RTA Cabinets

$147.14 x
$160.51 x
$138.22 x
$178.35 x
$177.16 x
$189.50 x
$193.21 x
$196.93 x
$102.55 x
$97.35 x
$104.04 x
$148.62 x
$164.97 x
$180.58 x
$162.75 x
$185.04 x
$206.59 x
$104.79 x
$108.50 x
$118.90 x
$138.22 x
$169.43 x
$191.73 x
$214.02 x
$118.90 x
$138.22 x
$175.38 x
$199.91 x
$215.51 x
$114.44 x
$133.76 x
$141.11 x
$161.26 x
$189.50 x
$208.82 x
$228.88 x
$252.66 x

Vanilla Shaker Single Door Base RTA Cabinets

Vanilla Shaker Double Door Base RTA Cabinets

Vanilla Shaker Drawer Base RTA Cabinets

Vanilla Shaker Sink Base RTA Cabinets

$245.23 x
$183.56 x
$193.21 x
$197.67 x
$238.55 x

Other Vanilla Shaker Base RTA Cabinets

Other Vanilla Shaker Wall RTA Cabinets

$193.96 x
$216.25 x
$222.94 x
$259.36 x
$100.33 x
$100.33 x
$114.44 x
$114.44 x
$127.82 x
$127.82 x
$118.16 x
$133.76 x
$133.76 x
$124.84 x
$152.35 x
$152.35 x
$141.19 x
$166.46 x
$166.46 x
$144.91 x
$104.79 x
$121.87 x
$154.57 x
$133.02 x
$160.51 x
$160.51 x
$173.89 x
$197.67 x
$197.67 x
$193.21 x
$225.17 x
$225.17 x
$211.80 x

Vanilla Shaker RTA Accessories

$28.99 x
$36.42 x
$26.75 x
$28.99 x
$42.36 x
$44.59 x
$78.03 x
$39.39 x
$75.80 x
$43.10 x
$69.12 x
$59.45 x
$40.13 x
$31.36 x
$36.42 x
$66.88 x
$18.58 x
$46.82 x
$54.25 x
$80.26 x

Vanilla Shaker RTA Oven Units

$487.49 x
$505.32 x
$523.16 x
$508.30 x
$526.13 x
$543.23 x

Vanilla Shaker RTA End Panels

Vanilla Shaker RTA Pantries

$383.45 x
$412.44 x
$441.42 x
$470.40 x
$494.18 x
$517.22 x
$513.50 x
$538.77 x
$564.77 x

Vanilla Shaker RTA Open Face Doors

$33.45 x
$36.42 x
$40.13 x
$38.64 x
$41.61 x
$44.59 x
$47.56 x
$49.05 x
$51.28 x
$51.28 x
$53.50 x
$54.99 x
$74.31 x
$78.03 x
$81.74 x
$85.46 x
$88.44 x
$91.41 x
$92.15 x
$87.69 x
$99.58 x
$98.84 x
$99.58 x
$87.69 x
$101.81 x
$56.48 x
$62.42 x
$67.63 x
$69.12 x
$70.60 x
$97.15 x

Glideware Cabinet Organizers

Single Glideware Model #GW01
$175.95 x
Double Glideware Model #GW02
$315.97 x
Pantry Glideware Model #GWPANTRY
$164.97 x
Extra Glideware Hooks Model #GWHOOK
$7.99 x

Roll Out Trays

Rollout Tray 15" Model #WB15DB
$69.04 x
Rollout Tray 18" Model #WB18DB
$71.96 x
Rollout Tray 21" Model #WB21DB
$74.80 x
Rollout Tray 24" Model #WB24DB
$79.66 x
Rollout Tray 27" Model #WB27DB
$82.64 x
Rollout Tray 30" Model #WB30DB
$83.50 x
Rollout Tray 36" Model #WB36DB
$89.30 x


The Vanilla Shaker collection seamlessly mixes the traditional look of Shaker cabinetry with modern styling. These cabinets are beautifully crafted with the commitment to stability and durability that RTA Cabinet Store is known for. Whether you prefer traditional, classic design or more contemporary décor, the Vanilla Shaker line is an effortless inclusion.

The Vanilla Shaker collection is the epitome of modern style. It is one of the sleekest and most contemporary collections of all our RTA Cabinet lines. Solidly built with clean, geometric lines and a warm white tone, this line allows homeowners to truly express their design tastes. If you are going for an ultra-contemporary look or just hoping to put a modern spin on a more classic decor style, this cabinetry is for you.

White has always been classically chic, and these cabinets also boast a contemporary design. Go all out with lustrous metal accents like stainless steel appliances, geometric light fixtures, and silver cabinet hardware. Or if you are looking for an updated version of a more traditional style, these cabinets can also fit the bill. For example, you can create a country cottage feel by adding an extra-large farmhouse sink and butcher block countertops. For this look, also choose hardware and accents that are a bit more ornamental and detailed in a rustic material like bronze.

Although white cabinets run the risk of seeming stark, the Vanilla Shaker collection offers a deeper white hue that will actually bring added warmth to the kitchen. To truly make this cabinetry set your own, also consider incorporating some ornamental accessories or add-ons that will juxtapose the simple, straight lines of the cabinet designs. At RTA Cabinet Store we offer a full line of accessories including mouldings, onlays, and valances. If you have the space, one of our preassembled islands can work well with this cabinet line. They are available in large and small sizes and the ornamental design adds unexpected visual interest to the basic cabinetry. Extra countertop and storage space are added bonuses.

The boxed cabinetry set arrives boxed and ready to assemble with nothing more than a simple screwdriver. The money saved by opting for an RTA cabinet set does not mean you are sacrificing quality. All our cabinets are built for optimum stability and durability so you can rest assured they will withstand the needs or you and your family.

Whether you picture your kitchen in the hottest contemporary styles or the classic Shaker design, the Vanilla Shaker collection can make all your dreams come true. With a clean look and vibrant hue, these cabinets are also great for adding a modern twist to traditional design styles like country cottage. This set may be just the piece to tie your entire design vision together.

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