Try Black Kitchen Cabinets for an Elegant Theme

All of us have our own idea of what is the best kitchen for our homes.  One person might want something rustic, wood based and looking like it came right out of yesteryear.  Another could have in mind a bright white kitchen, airy and with lots of space, both simple and versatile.  Then there are those who go for a traditional idea of elegance, and choose to get black kitchen cabinets.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets Have You Covered

 In the past, there were fewer options when it came to a truly dark kitchen.  Now, though, kitchen cabinets that are elegant, stable, and at a bargain price can be had easily.  We here at RTA Cabinet Store also love some of the designs we have helped build for elegantly themed kitchens.  We carry many lines of dark cabinets.   The cabinets convey a sense of style and class, and just beg to be accessorized with the best.

Kitchen Cabinetry Isn’t Everything

 To go with these great cabinets, you need to think stylish.  Stone countertops, quartz or perhaps granite, are a must.  They will set off your cabinets and bring out their theme.

Consider having a lighter countertop and backsplash to contrast with the cabinets.  Also, getting glass insert doors, especially from the Healdsburg collection, really makes for a great look.  This is a time where we also recommend dark/black colored appliances, such as the refrigerator, dishwasher and oven.

Another thing that many overlook is the floor.  It isn’t going to be the greatest idea to go with a light colored floor when installing a dark colored kitchen.  Pretty much the only time that it looks okay is when your floor very closely matches the backsplash and countertops.  Also, brass fittings and door/drawer pulls go very well with these three particular themes.  Remember, you also can’t go wrong getting soft close drawer and door hardware.  It fits these kitchen themes perfectly.

There are many ways to design your elegant kitchen, though, so why not get some help from, which employs professional kitchen design consultants who are available to help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Sign up for your free, no obligation design now!

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