Small Kitchen Cabinetry Design Ideas

When your kitchen space is quite limited, good planning is of crucial importance. Even a small kitchen could fit all you need if you plan it well. The art of organization can turn even a 40-square-foot kitchen into a fully functional space. However, this cannot happen without good planning.

Getting the right kitchen cabinets that can store it all is vital for a small kitchen, because you cannot afford to have utensils, food and kitchen appliances on the countertop and still have enough surface space for food preparation or to simply enjoy a sense of order and cleanliness. Never fear, though as you can also get design help!  RTA Cabinet Store’s staff have helped many people with tiny kitchens to create miniature masterpieces.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets and the Other Need-its

Before you begin, you need to make a list of the musts: 1. Stove, 2. Fridge, 3. Sink, 4. Dishwasher, and of course 5. (RTA!) Kitchen Cabinets for storing food and utensils. In a small space, dark colors aren’t usually suitable. White, combined with surfaces and kitchen cabinets made of natural materials will create the needed warmth and feeling of space. In the latter case, the best choice is kitchen cabinets with light wood doors.

Any dramatic contrast in colors should be avoided. However, if you want to have an accent, such as a special type of rustic tiles, then the rest of the surfaces should be a pale neutral color or white. In that case white kitchen cabinets or light colored ones are a must.

If you choose this option, you could combine it with one or two storage spaces with glass doors and little lights. If you want the kitchen cabinets to be the accent and you can only fit just a few pieces, everything else should follow your light theme in order to avoid feeling clustered and cluttered.

Furthering Your Look

Another fine touch would be adding as much light as possible. If the kitchen is not line shaped across from windows, you could attach kitchen cabinets with string or separate lights to create more vibe. For the corner spaces, tall, slim pull-up kitchen cabinets with light movable shelves that can be adjusted based on the height of the items stored are an ideal addition. You can have spices, nonperishable ingredients and cooking pots stored there.

Another space saving touch could be a foldable table or a kitchen table that is attached to the wall, which can be pulled up or put down, depending on whether you’re using it or not. In order to save space, you might also make a cabinet with an integrated dish drying rack right above the sink with a net that allows the water to drip through or collect in a removable tray.

Pro Tip: some designers keep forest moss on the bottom of those types of cabinets, so that there is no unpleasant odor and the moss naturally soaks up the water.

No space for a trash can? No problem. Have a bag holder attached to the cabinet door under the sink and you can have both your garbage collection and your cleaning materials right at the same spot.

Some say that the kitchen is the heart of the house. But even if it’s just a few square feet, don’t worry. Even a small kitchen area can store a lot of warmth and love, especially when it is planned well.  But like we said earlier, you don’t have to do it alone! employs professional kitchen design consultants, who are available to help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Sign up for your free, no obligation design now!

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