Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Renovate Kitchen Cabinets

Time of year isn’t always something home owners take into account when considering renovating their kitchen cabinets, but it’s actually a pretty important consideration for most homes! Here’s why.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Living Space

If your home has a patio or deck that’s set up as a comfortable outdoor living space, kitchen renovation in the summer is a great idea! It’s not something a lot of people think of right away, but your grill is an amazingly versatile appliance, capable of doing a lot more then grilling steaks and burgers. In fact, a typical gas grill can do basically anything your oven can do, from baking casseroles and pies to broiling. Between the grill, a slow-cooker, a microwave, a toaster oven, and a liberal application of disposable dishes and utensils to cut down on the dishwashing, you’ll hardly even notice your kitchen is gone! Okay, not really … but still, summer is the perfect time for this reason alone!

Better Weather = Less Mess

Depending on where you live, summer can be a good option for the fact that there’s a lot less mess involved. Especially if there’s snow in the winter, a wintertime renovation means tracking in snow, mud, and salt you’ll have to clean up later.

Spring and fall are also decent options, but tend to involve more rain and humidity, which means more mud to track in, and more cleanup at the end. As for humidity …

Climate Control

If you have central air, summer is the perfect time for remodeling, because air conditioning doesn’t just cool the air—it also dries it. Many paints, sealants, caulks, and grouts do not like humidity or fluctuating temperatures, so having it warm enough outside to make sure your AC is on inside can make a big difference in the quality of the job, especially the finishing touches.

The one caveat is that if your home does not have central air, or your kitchen will be exposed to ambient temperature and moisture due to replacement of windows or other renovations that open it up to the elements, make sure you schedule your renovations during the lowest-humidity part of the summer, with temperatures in the range your chosen paints and sealants like, and a low chance of foul weather.

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