Storage Solutions: Creating Secret Spaces To Enhance Decorative Style

If you have ever been on a cruise or stayed in a fancy hotel, chances are that you have run across secret cabinet spaces. In many cases, the cabinets look like any other ready-to-assemble cabinet with decorative trim and wood grain. When you open the cabinet, however, you are often greeted with a mini refrigerator, a safe, or other secret space. Instead of ordering custom cabinets for these delightful spaces, use RTA cabinets to enhance the living spaces around your home. The ideas below can help you get started.

Mini-Fridge Makeover
No one wants to see the plastic door of a mini-fridge sticking out next to the television set or in a guest room. Hide the refrigerator by placing it inside a cabinet. Instead of starting with the refrigerator, start with a cabinet that meets the needs of the space where it will be placed. Evaluate it in terms of color, design, and style. Once the cabinet has been selected, drill ventilation holes and a power cord hole in the back. The holes will help to keep the refrigerator cool. Install the refrigerator by screwing it into the cabinet using brackets. You can also attach the refrigerator door to the cabinet door with a small bracket that holds them together. When someone opens the cabinet door, they will then have instant access to the refrigerator.

So Safe
Safes are another great item to hide in a RTA cabinet. The interesting thing about safes is that they can be placed in any room in the house without having to add special cabinetry to the room. If desired, select RTA cabinets that will compliment a library, den, or other area of the house where you would like to store the safe. Once the cabinet has been securely installed, it is time to install the safe. Using brackets or the hardware supplied by the safe company, mount the safe to the inside of the RTA cabinet. Not only will it keep your safe out of sight and secured, it will also provide you with an extra sense of security knowing that your safe is bolted into place and properly installed.

Wine Some More
A refrigerator might be nice, but for the wine connoisseur, a wine refrigerator is ideal. These specialized wine coolers keep your bottles chilled to perfection, but do not always come in the most attractive styles. Just like with the mini-fridge and safe, select a RTA cabinet that is the perfect size and fit for your space and then select a wine cooler that can fit inside, allowing for ventilation and power access. You may want to have a rough estimate of the size of common wine coolers before selecting a RTA cabinet, just to make sure that you select one that is big enough. Your wine can then chill in the relative obscurity of a cabinet hideaway.

RTA cabinets are versatile enough that homeowners can use them for a variety of unusual things. Hiding small appliances and safes inside of them is one of the many uses that can make a big impact on your decor.

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