A Letter from one of our contractors – “The Joy of Kitchen Design”

Here is a great letter that we received from one of our best contractors.  You can tell he really enjoys his job! :

I’ve been involved in a lot of enjoyable tasks during a construction career that’s spanned 25 years and I’ve been fortunate that I chose an occupation that has allowed me to make a lot of people happy – in some cases I’ve helped lifelong dreams come true. However, if I had to pick one part of my job that I preferred over all the others, it would probably be working with purchasers to design their custom kitchens.

I think there may be several reasons for that – for one thing I like good food and have been invited to dine with many of my aspiring gourmet chef customers once they moved in, but I believe my thinking goes a little deeper than just the prospect of sitting down to a great meal. My experience has been that a kitchen is the one room in the house that always seems to bring purchasers’ passions to the surface and asking them how they want their finished kitchen to look can be like turning children loose in a candy store.

In many homes the kitchen has overtaken the family room as the place where families gather to talk about their day and it’s often the area where guests tend to congregate when you’re entertaining for the evening. It may be for these reasons that manufacturers have so many available options that can allow you to create a room that resonates with your personality and sense of style.

If a kitchen remodeling project is in your future, you’ll have much the same opportunity that so many of my custom home customers have had – you can start with a blank canvas and design your dream room. I would encourage you to sit down with a kitchen contractor or designer to discuss your options and magazines, design centers, and websites can be great places to see and read about the latest trends.

Unless you recently hit a lottery, budget can be a consideration with many kitchen remodels, but by putting some thought into your design, you can end up with a beautiful room regardless of your price range. Keeping in mind where your existing utilities are located when doing your new cabinet layout can save a lot of money on rough-in costs and speaking of cabinets – all wood RTA cabinets can be a great way to have high quality cabinets at very economical prices. Your kitchen contractor should be able to show you other options for making the most of your remodeling dollars.

Take some time to plan before rushing into the project and just like many of my homeowners – you may be able to make lifelong dreams come true.  RTA Cabinet Store has been a major contributor to my success in the remodeling industry.  Their pricing, order turnaround times, and staff have made it a lucrative partnership for me.

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