Lighting the Inside of Your RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets offer the opportunity for a great deal of customization and character for your kitchen. In addition, they are also perfect for in-cabinet lighting accessories. This type of lighting can be both functional and decorative depending on the types of cabinets installed. Use the ideas below to help you determine if in-cabinet lighting is right for your kitchen and, if so, the best way to install it.

The Right Fit?
Before rushing out to purchase lights for the inside of your kitchen cabinets, take a moment to consider if they are a practical solution for your needs. If your kitchen is well lit with a lot of natural or artificial lighting, additional lights in your cabinets may not be necessary for practical reasons; or they may not even show up well. If, however, your kitchen tends to be dim and it is difficult to see into the back of your cabinets, installing additional lighting is a practical and appropriate option. Decorative lighting inside cabinets is also a great idea if your RTA cabinets have glass doors. The addition of lighting to glass front cabinets makes them stand out and gives the kitchen an updated look and style. Be sure that there is enough clearance for the lights; there should be enough clearance between the top of the highest dish or glass and the bottom of the shelf above.

Battery-Powered Lights
Some homeowners may not want to run electrical cords through their kitchen cabinets, but still want the addition of lighting inside the cabinet spaces. In cases such as those, the ideal option is to have battery powered lights that can be mounted to the inside of the cabinets themselves. One of the things to keep in mind is that you will need to manually push the lights on or turn a switch that is directly attached to the hanging light bar or circle. For that reason it is good to keep the lights close to the front of the cabinet walls.

Traditional Lighting
Other types of lighting that are ideal for kitchen cabinets come with a more traditional power cord or hardwiring. In most cases, these lights can be turned on with the flick of a switch on the wall. This is an excellent option for glass cabinets, as you want the backlighting without making a fuss about the light fixture. Bar lights are the most common types of lighting that can be hardwired; place them in the back of the cabinet on the underside of the shelf above. This out-of-the-way spot helps light up the cabinet’s interior without taking up a lot of space.

Lighting the interior of a cabinet can make your kitchen come alive. Not only will it add great decoration and style to your kitchen, but it will also make it easy to see all of those dishes and cups that are tucked in the back of the cabinet. Practical and decorative, RTA cabinet lighting can enhance your kitchen’s decor and make your cabinets more noticeable and attractive. Choose the lighting style that works best for your kitchen’s cabinets.

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