Creating the Cherryville Bathroom From Our Cherryville Bathroom Vanity Page

Since the Episode of Rescue Renovation aired, we have had dozens of inquiries about how to make the bathroom layout that they created.   So we decided to show you tell you exactly what they used to create that look.

Cherryville Bathroom

To start, they used (2) DB18CHV from the Cherrryville Kitchen Cabinets for the middle piece

For the side vanities, they used (2)VSB3021CHV from the bathroom vanity collection
For the middle tower, they started with a 2×4 platform to support the cabinets, and used filler pieces to trim it out
They then used a W3030CHV and w3024CHV for the tower
Add crown molding to the top and your layout is done
For the mirrors, they took 42" filler strips, mounted them to the wall, then attached standard mirrors to the filler strips.

It is a rather simple design that turned out great. If you want to see some of the footage from the show, or the before and after photos, head over to our Youtube page at:

2 thoughts on “Creating the Cherryville Bathroom From Our Cherryville Bathroom Vanity Page

  1. Where did the matching vanity tops and center base top come from? It’s hard to find the matching center base counter top like used here due to the dimensions. Most vanity supply stores don’t carry that piece and only deal with pieces 22″ in depth at most. The base counter top used here is at least 25″ in depth due to them being kitchen base cabinets. Where did they get the ones that are shown in the photo or from that episode #1? Thank you!

    1. We used a combination of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities to achieve the staggered depth and staggered height

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