Thinking Green with your RTA Kitchen Design

A kitchen remodeling project is a great opportunity to show that you care about protecting the environment by using sustainable, recycled, or energy efficient products and materials throughout the room. There may not be another room in your house that offers as many eco-friendly options as your kitchen and at the completion of your renovation you’ll not only have a beautiful makeover – you’ll have one that reflects your efforts to build green.

Green Options for your RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Going green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style during your kitchen remodel – many eco-friendly materials can give the room a unique look and may even be able to give your kitchen an instant sense of character that other products can’t. The best news is that RTA cabinets has numerous models lines that can complement just about any green option. A few areas you may wish to consider eco-friendly products:

Countertops – if you want to create a kitchen focal point that will practically grab your visitors’ eyes when they enter the room, installing a countertop constructed with recycled glass bottles might do the trick. The countertops are available in a wide range of colors and custom sizes. Kitchen remodels with a rustic country d├ęcor might look great with recycled wood countertops. It may be difficult to get more rustic than using old wood and how many houses on your block have countertops over 100 years old?

Flooring – there are numerous eco-friendly options when choosing the flooring for your kitchen makeover. Bamboo flooring and Cork are very sustainable flooring products and there are numerous ceramic tiles manufactured using recycled products. However, if you want a floor that stops guests in their tracks, try one of the many varieties of reclaimed flooring available. Talking about your 200 year old floor that was reclaimed from an old warehouse is sure to keep your dinner conversation going while entertaining

Appliances – if you’re purchasing new appliances for your kitchen remodeling project, it’s hard to go wrong with those bearing the Energy Star label. Energy Star appliances must meet the stringent testing standards designed by the Department of Energy and are considered the ultimate in the world of energy saving kitchen appliances

These are just a few of your eco-friendly options when remodeling your kitchen – ask your contractor about other green products that might be right for your room and application.

Don’t forget about our new lines of cabinets that will be arriving in August.   Our new Bamboo kitchen cabinet line!!   We will be the first distributor in the country carrying the Eco-Cabinets line of bamboo cabinets.

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