How to Sort Through Kitchen Cabinet Lines to Find “The One”

When you first visit our site, or any online or brick-and-mortar cabinet retailer, the selection can seem pretty overwhelming at first. Here are some guidelines to help you narrow it down to the top few choices for your kitchen remodeling project.

Choose Cabinet Color Range First

Close your eyes and picture your new kitchen. What does it look like? Is it the warm, inviting glow of richly stained wood? The classic contrast of dark cabinets against light walls and ceiling? Is it the new classic of white or gray?

There’s a reason our kitchen cabinet lines are sorted into broad color categories first. Once you have an idea if you’re looking for light, dark, or wood tones, you’ve already narrowed down your search to a third of our available cabinet lines!

Next, Choose a Style

There are two primary designs that are popular in modern kitchens. The first is the Shaker style. Shaker cabinets feature clean lines and right-angles. They fit in equally well with designs that dwell on rustic simplicity or with kitchens going for a sleek, modern feel. If this appeals to you, then you should be narrowed down to about your top ten, even though Shaker designs are our most popular.

The second features raised center panels surrounded with decorative moulding. These are often called “pillow-style” doors, and fit with kitchens designed toward a timelessly classic aesthetic, or for a modern twist making use of sophistication rather than sleek lines.

There are a few outliers that combine elements of both, so if you’re stuck between the two main options, there may be something for you yet.

Worry About Price Point Last

For one thing, until you get into the meat and bones of your kitchen layout, either with our DIY layout tool, or the help of one of our consultants, it’ll be hard to know exactly what price you’re dealing with overall. We give pricing examples of typical 10’ x 10’ kitchens to give you an idea, but depending on the size of your kitchen, you could need anywhere from half to triple that many cabinets.

Also, there’s a good amount of leeway in the pricing. Low-end cabinets can be upgraded to better drawer slides, hinges, and hardware, for a more high-end look and feel, and high-end cabinets are often priced where they are because they already include those premium options built-in, but sometimes downgrades are possible to shave off cost. And don’t forget, all of our cabinet lines can be customized with top-notch storage accessories for less extra dough than you might think!

The bottom line: pick the color and style you want first, then if there are still multiple options, look at accessories, construction quality, and ultimately price point to narrow it down. And if you need any help, don’t hesitate to set up a free consultation with one of our professional kitchen designers!

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