The Best Free Kitchen Design Tool

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen and choosing the best kitchen cabinets to fit your unique kitchen, it doesn’t take long messing around with graph paper and an eraser to realize that there must be a better way! Of course, you could use any number of interior design software suites, but along with tending to be expensive, these are also huge amounts of overkill, and make the project harder, instead of easier!

Not Too Complicated, Not Too Simple … Just Right for Kitchen Design

RTA Cabinet Store’s online DIY kitchen design tool strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and capability. By using a two-dimensional model for your kitchen, rather than 3D, it keeps the complexity to a minimum. The result is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that should feel intuitive and fast.

It comes pre-loaded with every cabinet piece, from every line of quality RTA kitchen cabinets in our entire inventory, so you’ll know for sure that what you build in our design tool, is what will actually work, piece for piece.

Our Kitchen Design Tool is Easy to Use, and The Price Is Right

To get started, once you’ve registered here, all you need to do is measure the dimensions of your kitchen. The tool will tell you specifics on what points of doors and walls to measure from, to get the details just right. From there, it’s a simple drag-and-drop interface to position cabinet segments anywhere you want.

As you build, the design tool automatically tracks each and every piece you place. It even includes little reminders for details like decorative end panels that you might not normally think of. Then, once you’re happy with the layout, you can export everything you’ve built into your shopping cart so that you can be confident that once you buy your new RTA kitchen cabinets, everything will fit in its proper place. Just don’t forget non-structural details like Rev-A-Shelf accessories and upgrades!

Best of all—it’s FREE! Sign up online to get started. Trust us, it’s simple. If you do get stuck, though, or just need some advice, our team of professionally trained kitchen design consultants are always at the ready to lend a hand. 

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