Cabinet Samples—the Best Way to Get a Match

Sample kitchen cabinet colors so you can get the perfect match.

Sample Kitchen Cabinets Colors and Get the Best Match

It’s not easy making sure new cabinets will match existing cabinets. Or that the new cabinets will match the rest of your kitchen. Samples are the best way to match existing cabinets or try out a new color before you take the plunge on your remodel. White cabinets, black kitchen cabinets, cherry, oak, or whatever you need, there is a sample available to you.

How to Get Cabinet Samples

When you begin your cabinet search, you’ll find that eyeballing colors and materials isn’t an easy thing to do. If you’re buying online, which provides the most variety, then there is no way you can see how the cabinets will look without a sample.

There are various types of samples available. You can get door samples that show you various materials and stains and how they will look. These are the best way to match cabinets because you’re receiving an actual piece of the cabinet and can do a direct comparison. You do have to pay for a door sample, but many places allow you to return the sample when you are done and receive a portion of your money back.

There are also glaze block samples that are smaller, but let you see how the glaze looks on wood and color samples. These are just cardboard swatches of color that you can compare.

Get samples from RTA Cabinets and start working on your remodel.

Cabinet sample doors provide a great way to match existing cabinets or pick all new cabinets.

How to Use Samples

Take your door samples and place them next to the existing door or wall and compare how they look. Color can subtly change through the years due to sun exposure, pollution, etc., so getting a sample is important. You may get the exact same color as the existing cabinet, but a side by side comparison may show a stark difference.

If you get glazing blocks or sample kitchen cabinet colors, then the comparison can be a bit more difficult, but not impossible. What’s great about cabinet samples is if the color you want is off a little, then you can try and find the color that best matches it by ordering several in that color family.

Returning Your Samples

While it may seem like a bother to return the sample doors, the reality is that it can really make things easier for you and the cabinet company. Think of it like you do recycling. It’s a win-win situation. You get some of your money back, and the cabinet company doesn’t have to order another door from the manufacturer. Instead, the next time someone wants a door of that stain or color, they can ship an existing one. It saves everyone time and money, not to mention it keeps it out of the landfill.

RTA Cabinet store can get you the cabinet samples you need. Contact us today and we’ll get them sent out as soon as possible.

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