RTA’s Kitchen Design Tool Explained

When planning a new kitchen, many people turn to pencil and paper.  While this is a perfectly acceptable method of planning your new kitchen, we decided here at RTA Cabinet Store that this was not enough for our customers.  Therefore, we had the kitchen design tool custom made for our website.  It allows you to input the size of your kitchen, and then you can even select the cabinets that you like, and get a great look at what you will get in the end.  It makes for easy kitchen creation.


We consider this tool so important that we have created a number of videos explaining each of the sections of the design tool.  You create your layout first, and you can add doors and windows, the cabinets, the flooring, wall items, countertops, the works.  Each video has a pretty good explanation of what you can do and how to do it, helping you to get going quickly rather than fumbling around learning the program.

Saved Layouts

One great part of the kitchen design tool is that you can have saved layouts.  You can have as many as you want, and use your basic kitchen footprint to virtually “install” a number of different types of RTA cabinets.  This allows you to perfectly visualize what you are going to get, without trying to just imagine it.

In the end, if you come up with a layout you like, you can add more items to the spec sheet of your favorite layout, including accessories and door hardware, and you can send everything in the kitchen to your RTA store cart. You can also get some help from one of our design professionals to give you those final tips and tricks you might not know about, for example, adding soft close hardware to all of your cabinets to help protect them and your investment.

Print It Out

You can also print out your saved layouts, and look at them side by side.  This is amazingly useful in deciding which style you want to end up with.  If you are stuck between a few of them, though, you can always get a few sample doors sent to you to check out what they feel and look like in person. 

We find that this usually makes the decision for the vast majority of people who are on the fence between one style of RTA cabinets and the other.  If you are ready to get serious about your kitchen remodel design, then go ahead and use RTACabinetStore.com’s free online kitchen design tool to help you figure out where to put each cabinet and see what it will look like in the end.

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