What Do I Do for an RTA Kitchen Cabinet Error?

When you order an RTA kitchen cabinet, there’s a lot of anticipation and excitement as you wait for those boxes of wood and metal to arrive at your door. When they’re finally there and you know that you can begin transforming your drab and dreary kitchen into the one you’ve always dreamed of the excitement is overwhelming. Imagine the disappointment when you open up the boxes and something is wrong. It could be something small and simple such as some of the screws are missing or it could be something major like the wrong color or model. Mistakes happen and when they do, it’s important to make the right decisions to get it taken care of quickly.

Keep Calm

It’s easy to understand why a person may become sad or angry when finding out a mistake was made. You’ve been looking forward to this for weeks and spent months researching cabinets and companies to make sure something like this doesn’t happen, and you end up with white kitchen cabinets instead of black. It’s important to push those feelings of anger and disappointment aside so you can focus on getting the mistake fixed. When you do something while angry, it can lead to mistakes of your own. It can make you hurried and when something is done too quickly or hastily, then it can make matters worse instead of better.

Take an Inventory

When one mistake happens, it’s very easily for another to happen as well. Before contacting the company, take an inventory of all parts, etc. This lets you make sure if everything has arrived and if there are any additional parts missing.  Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are supposed to come organized in such a way as to make them easy to inventory and put together. Once the inventory is complete, it’s time to contact the company and begin the ideally painless process of getting the mistake fixed.

Talking to the Company

There are two ways to contact a company: email and phone. For mistakes, it’s best to contact them by phone and actually speak to a person. Email conversation can take time. They may get back to you in five minutes or 24 hours, so phone is the best option. When you contact them, outline the problem and include any pertinent information such as order numbers, etc. A reputable company will want to get this resolved as quickly as possible. If it’s something small, then it can be taken care of right away. If it’s something large, then it may take a little more time. The key is to be patient. If the company isn’t being helpful or refuses to fix their mistake, then there may be no other recourse than legal action. You spent thousands of dollars on new cabinets and if it’s the wrong color or model and the company won’t fix it, then contact a lawyer.

RTA Cabinet Store works with our customers, and we strive to make sure everything goes smoothly. If a mistake has been made we will work to remedy it quickly. Start your kitchen cabinet search with our free guide today.

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