Kitchen Looks Drab: Do You Need New RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

So, you’re sitting in the kitchen drinking your morning coffee, and you look around the room. You’ve spent years finding the perfect décor to make your kitchen exactly what you want, but something just doesn’t seem right. Maybe a year or two ago, you decided to completely change the décor in the room or maybe it’s been a decade since you’ve done anything, but you’re just not happy with the overall look. It’s then when it hits you. You don’t like your old RTA kitchen cabinets.

There are many reasons why something you’ve had for so long suddenly looks out of place. It’s when this happens that it’s time to take a look at getting new kitchen cabinets.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

For many, the sudden change of heart on their kitchen cabinets stems from an event. You head over to a friend’s house and they’re just gushing about their new kitchen and it makes you realize how long it’s been since you’ve made any real change.

There’s no shame in being jealous of a friend or neighbor’s new kitchen. It’s perfectly natural to want to keep up with your friends and family. When you return home, suddenly you start to see all the little imperfections that happened through the years. You remember the time you dropped the cast iron skillet and cracked the countertop. You stare at the discolored cabinets and remember all the grease and smoke that they have had to contend with all those years. You want something new.

It Seems like a Natural Time

When there is a major change in the kitchen, people often feel it’s time to update and remodel, including affordable kitchen cabinets. It could be a major appliance such as an oven or refrigerator breaking down, and it just makes sense to make other changes. It could be the desire to remodel and one part of that project is updating cabinets, appliances, etc.

Kitchen cabinets have a natural lifespan that depends on how much wear and tear they receive through the years. When you sit down and plan how the kitchen will look, don’t forget to include potential replacement options for your kitchen cabinets.

Your Taste Changes with Time

When you bought the cabinets a decade ago, they were on the leading edge of home fashion. Everyone was getting cabinets like this and you were the envy of your friends and family. Flash forward and the tastes of you and society have changed. Your cabinets look dated and maybe age and experience have changed your own tastes in décor. It was the kitchen cabinet set of a newlywed and you’re an experienced mother now. Time can change many things, so if you find your cabinets are a little behind the times, then getting a new set is the way to go.

It’s time to get new kitchen cabinets, so start the search with our free guide. You’ll be on your way to the perfect kitchen in no time.

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