Is RTA Cabinets’ Stability Up to Par?

We’ve all been there. You buy a cheap desk that comes in a box, put it together yourself, and discover that the whole thing is basically held together by a single cross-bar. One of its screws strip, and from then on the desk is wobbly and unstable.

Are RTA cabinets like that? Is their stability up to par, or will they be unstable and unsteady like those cheap desks?

Sturdiness from Furniture-Grade Plywood

We can’t speak for the whole industry, but here at RTA Cabinet Store, every single one of our ready-to-assemble cabinets is built around a solid frame of furniture-grade plywood. We’re talking about genuine hardwood, cut into thin sheets then sealed together at overlapping angles. Since it’s real hardwood, the surface finish is the same. Because there’s no one direction in which the wood grains lay, it’s sturdier and more warp-resistant. It even holds fasteners like screws and cam-lock fasteners more securely over time. There is no better material to construct sturdy, stable cabinets from, and that’s why we use it, and why it’s the industry standard for the best kitchen cabinets.

Stability Equal to Any Other

If you haven’t remodeled a kitchen yourself before, you might not know this, so let us let you in on a little insider secret: no cabinet, whether pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble is designed to take little variations in your house’s structural floor into account. All cabinets need to be adjusted a little bit to make them level while also firmly planting all four corners on the floor. The way that works is through the use of shims.

If you hired a contractor to remodel your kitchen, and chose pre-assembled cabinets from the home improvement store or from their catalog, they’d still use shims to make each cabinet stable and level. The only difference is you wouldn’t know about it.

Like any DIY project, if you do it yourself, you know all the little secrets that go into it, and this is no different. Even better, if you do it yourself, you can be absolutely certain the shims are all lined up right, and that every cabinet is perfectly level. That’s what makes cabinets stable, and with RTA cabinets, it’s never left in hands that may or may not care about your kitchen like you do.

Lucky for you, we sell shims as part of our RTA Cabinet Installation Kits. These kits contain everything you’ll need, based on how many cabinets you’re assembling and what tools you already own. Our professionally-trained kitchen design consultants can tell you exactly which kit is right for you, as well as helping you through every step of your kitchen renovation project from picking out your style to making sure everything you need arrives safe and sound at your door. Click here to schedule your $500 professional kitchen design consultation today for FREE, only for prospective RTA Cabinet Store customers.

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