Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Hardware Options

When you’re shopping for new RTA cabinets as part of a kitchen remodel, what kind of drawer glides your kitchen cabinets will have may be the last thing on your mind. Truth be told, though, something as simple as kitchen cabinet drawer hardware can make or break the feel of a kitchen, and how happy you’ll be with it.

To Soft-Close, Or Not to Soft-Close

Arguably the single most important question regarding drawer glides, is whether or not they’re soft-close. Chances are, you grew up without soft-close drawer glides and never thought much of it. If you’ve come across them since, then you know exactly what we’re talking about, but if you haven’t, then trust us, you have no idea what you’re missing. That loud bang of the drawer front, the clang of silverware or utensils clattering around, silverware trays sliding toward the back of the drawer every time … it’s one of those little problems you might not know you need solved until it’s solved.

Soft-close drawer glides gently catch the drawer as it’s about to close, then ease it into place quietly and smoothly. No more bang, clang, or clatter, less wear and tear on your cabinets, no more worrying you’ll wake up the whole house next time you need a late night snack!

Full-Extension, the Other Big Thing

The other contender for “most critical drawer hardware upgrade” has got to be full-extension drawer glides. Most drawers open “most of the way,” and for the most part, this is good enough. Addressing another problem you don’t know you have until it’s solved, full-extension drawer glides let the drawer come all the way out from under the countertop. They make the back of the drawer stop being a mystery zone. Every inch of drawer space is fully available, and fully on display, so you can find the right utensil first time, every time, without having to hunt and dig and lose valuable time while your sauté burns.

The rest of the options, like European-style, side-mounted, or under-mounted have more to do with the style of cabinet than personal preference, but if you do have other questions about drawer hardware or anything else to do with what cabinets and accessories to pick to make your new kitchen live up to your dreams, why not schedule a free consultation with one of our professionally trained kitchen design consultants? It’s a $500 value that we offer completely free to our customers, to earn your business. Sign up here to let us help you create the perfect kitchen, today!

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