RTA Cabinet Store to the rescue! Another reason to buy direct from the manufacturer

I thought I would share an e-mail that I received on Thursday.  I had been working with a customer in Ohio who was going to be remodeling her entire kitchen and one of her bathrooms.  She was on a 3 week time crunch so she was nervous about making sure that all the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom vanities were in stock.  I gave her a quote and we ended up saving her a couple hundred dollars versus the local supply store.   Even though we were saving her money on her kitchen cabinets, I never heard from her again…   on Thursday, I received an e-mail from her and she needed some help.   She ended up ordering her cabinets from a brick and mortar store because she was nervous about having problems with the order.   Four weeks later, (remember her time frame was three weeks), she received her order and some of the cabinets were missing and some of them were incorrect.   She was asking for my help to correct the problem.  

This is a great example of why ordering from the direct importer/manufacturer can not only save you time, but also save you the frustration of dealing with the retail stores.   Since we typically deliver in under 2 weeks, she would have had time plenty of time to confirm that everything was ready for installation when her contractors were ready to install.  There is a happy ending to this story… since we have all the cabinets she needs, we are going to expedite the replacement cabinets to her house so that she can finish off her kitchen installation.

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