Kitchen Design Services: Why you don’t need to hire an interior designer to get the job done

It is amazing how many customers I talk to think they need to have their kitchen professionally designed in order for it to look nice.   While it may seem like an overwhelming task, it really isn’t.   While we do offer a 3-D design service, I really don’t recommend it for customers unless it is for a new home where it is hard to picture where the walls and kitchen cabinets are going to be.  If you are doing a basic kitchen remodel, with some accurate measurements, you can easily design and select your own kitchen cabinets.   If you go to the Kitchen Resources section of our site, you will find some easy to use templates that will help you with your kitchen design.


Once you have the exact measurements for your kitchen, it is now time to decide what type of kitchen cabinets you will need.   Do you need a lot of drawer space, or more shelf space?   Did you want 30" wall cabinets, or do you need the extra space of the 42" wall cabinets?  How about the corner…. do you have room for a lazy susan, or are you going to use a blind base or wall cabinet?   Once you have the measurements sketched out and you have an idea of what you will need, our staff can help you pricing out and making sure that all of the measurements add up.  The nice thing about our kitchen cabinet lines is that we use the same standard sizes (in some cases more) that a Lowes or Home Depot would use.   That being the case, you could easily take their free design service and apply it to our product line.  

So the next time you hear one of your neighbors saying they are going to hire a interior designer for their kitchen, or paid for a 3-D design service you can save them the time and money by showing them how to do it themselves

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