Should You Go for Retro Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

There have been many different styles of cabinets through the decades. Each one comes into popularity only to be rebuffed by the newest trend or style a few years later.

Every now and then, a remnant from the past becomes popular again and you have to decide if you want to choose retro kitchen cabinet hardware or go with the more modern equivalent. Kitchen cabinets are a major investment, so make sure you know what you’re getting into with retro cabinets and accessories.

New Retro vs. Old Retro Kitchen Cabinet Styles

There are actually two different types of retro when it comes to cabinets. The first is new retro, which is when cabinet companies recognize that a style is coming back into popularity and create new cabinets in the retro style.

The other type is old retro, which is cabinets from that time period that have been refurbished. These could be metal cabinets that have been worked on to remove dings and rust, or have new paint. It’s possible that some parts of old retro cabinets have been replaced with newer materials because of the ravages of time.

Benefits of Retro Kitchen Cabinet Trends

When you buy new retro cabinets, you’re getting modern materials, modern paints and they can be built and installed like any other cabinets. These will last a decade or more if taken care of properly. If you want all the comforts of modern civilization (including accessories) then new retro is for you.

If you want something with character and history, then go for refurbished retro cabinets. They may not last as long because they’re made with original materials, so if you’re using cabinets from the 1950s, the materials are about 60 years old.

Cost of Retro Kitchen Cabinet Designs

This can be difficult because of the variable cost of the old retro cabinets. When you buy new retro, the cost will be on par with any modern kitchen cabinet set. There will also be additional costs for accessories, etc.

Old retro cost depends on the state of the cabinets. If you buy them from an auction or other source, then you may need to spend money to refurbish them and bring them up to modern day standards. There are the same problems with buying cabinets that have already been refurbished, as you’re paying for that work as well.

We have a large selection of cabinet styles to choose from, so check out our design tool and get started creating your perfect retro kitchen today.

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