New Look: Kitchen Cabinets Without Doors

CabinetsThere are some things that are just a given. If it’s snowing, it’s cold. If it rains, it’s wet. If you buy a kitchen cabinet, it’s got a door; however, there are many people bucking this last trend by going with kitchen cabinets without doors. There are still generally doors on the lower portion of the cabinets, but the wall cabinets have an open design, which provides a unique look. The door or no-door trend has been polarizing with some people loving it and others who find it just too weird.

Why RTA Kitchen Cabinets With No Doors?

What makes a person wake up one day and say, “I’d love to have some kitchen cabinets with no doors”? There are many reasons why people have doors, but if you have dishes or items you want to show off, doors are kind of a buzzkill. For example, if you have attractive pots and pans that can be just as much a decoration as a cooking implement, then setting them in cabinets with no doors lets them be seen. It’s an open floor plan, but it’s all or nothing. It’s not recommended to have some upper cabinets with doors and others without, unless it complements the overall look.

Problems With No-Door Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

No-door isn’t without its drawbacks. One of the primary reasons for having doors is protection. Doors keep pets such as cats out, and from accidentally knocking your dishes to the floor. If you have some dishes that don’t look that great, then they can be an eyesore. No one wants to look at your 15-year-old skillet with burn marks and a broken handle.

Doors also keep people from seeing the dust that gathers on unused dishes or the cobwebs that your friendly neighborhood spider has put up. It’s a little embarrassing for people to see your dishes have become a spider condo.

Be Cautious What Goes in Kitchen Cabinet Storage With No Doors

We talked about how beautiful an open layout can be if you have décor or dishes that you want to show off, but what about the other more mundane aspects of cabinetry? Kitchen cabinets are used for far more than simply dishes and you can shove everything into the bottom cabinets.

If you commonly put cereal boxes, canned goods and other non-perishable items in cabinets, then they can be there for everyone to see. Does it really matter if everyone knows you’re a fan of Cap’n Crunch or that you’ve got an inordinate amount of creamed corn? Probably not, but it’s not flattering either.

Do you want to know what no-door kitchen cabinets would look like in your home? Check out our design tool and begin comparing kitchen sets today.

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