Replace Your Cabinet Doors to Give the Illusion of Space

One way or another, your kitchen seems small to you.  Either it is actually a small kitchen, such as in an apartment or very small home, or your kitchen seems small to you and you want to expand it.  Either way, you need to make a change.  One way to do this without tearing out your entire kitchen and doing a complete remodel is to replace your cabinet doors.

Why Just the Cabinet Doors?

What will replacing just the cabinet doors do for me?  These two questions are the most prevalent when we get a client talking to our kitchen designers at RTA Cabinet Store with complaints about the size of their kitchen.  The answer is: it will sell your brain on the illusion of more space.  We look at visual illusions all the time, every day, such as movies.  There aren’t really people there in front of you, just an image placed on the screen.  Especially when you are watching it 3D, it can seem very real.  Remember, the space is actually there in your kitchen, you just might not be able to see it due to it being blocked by the cabinet doors.

What Should I Get?

For all of the cabinets we sell, there are replacement doors. The replacement doors you are looking for in any style will be listed as open face.  This means that the doors have windows in them, whether they are clear or frosted.  The best part about getting these for RTA kitchen cabinets is that all sizes are standardized, so even if you want to mix and match styles to give your kitchen a new look, or put another color door on your baseboard, you can do so with confidence knowing the sizes will match.

What Does It Do?

Simply, it allows an inside view of the cabinets, or at least the illusion of it, in the case of frosted glass.  Oftentimes, you can achieve the effect of more space just by replacing some of the upper doors, rather than the lower ones.  This doesn’t mean that you need to keep the upper cabinets empty, though!  We suggest getting some of your nice glassware and stacking it simply and neatly behind the windows.  If your cabinets or cabinet insides are white, you are all set.  You will have the right look right off.  If you have dark insides, though, you may want to invest in a bit of led lighting in the back of the cabinets, faint but enough to take away the shadows and allow the eye to perceive the depth of the cabinet.  But don’t just take our word for it! Start modifying and designing your kitchen today and see what we are talking about!’s free online design tool will help!

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