Making the Mental Switch to RTA Cabinets

Buying kitchen cabinets that are inexpensive doesn’t mean low quality anymore.  With the coming of RTA cabinets, other ways of obtaining kitchen cabinetry are falling by the wayside.  Specialty-store cabinets are nearly a thing of the past, with the brick and mortar stores that used to carry them having moved on to more lucrative things.

The Last Bastions

There are a few ways that you can obtain kitchen cabinetry at this point.  There are cheap solutions available in most large hardware chain stores and furniture stores, though they are usually made of inferior materials and don’t have the long life of other solutions.  One advantage is that they are relatively cheap, but even then, there are the inherent costs of being stocked in a brick and mortar store with high overhead expenses, which are forwarded on to the customer in the form of a price hike.

One can go to a few places that have a system of choosing cabinets (famous in Swedish chains) that is rather like RTA cabinets, in that you ideally put them together yourself, but again, the prices are not the best, and they are not nearly as easily put together as RTA, though much easier than the other types of cabinets bought in brick and mortar stores.  You could also hire a custom cabinet maker, which most of the time guarantees quality, but definitely doesn’t get you inexpensive cabinets, nor does it guarantee replacement parts in the future.

RTA Cabinets Have Taken Over

RTA cabinets are now the top of the line cabinets for the industry.  Here at RTA Cabinet Store, we saw the trend early, and based our entire business model around them. 

RTA cabinets have come a long way in the last 60 years, and now are some of the best looking, best quality and most stable cabinets you can buy.  They come in standard sizes across the industry, though with multiple sizes available per model and replacement stock parts are available for decades in the original manufacturer’s warehouses.  They are also priced to be inexpensive cabinets.

All of this means that RTA cabinets are by far the best buy for the money.  Go ahead and pick up’s three free reports that will help you optimize your cabinet design and avoid common mistakes. They have an enormous amount of info on all types of cabinets. 

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